Reignbow- The Fight Song

There’s a new artist in town and she’s very different in her lyricism, sound, and brand. Janet Roth, also known as Reignbow made her recorded debut in 2016. So far, she has eight tracks that serves in the pop and rap genres.
With her recent single, “The Fight Song,” Reignbow is gets honest as she talks about problems that arises in her life. The raw track talks about life situations, including failure, relationships, and love. It is sort of a motivational track because the lyrics shed light on difficult life experiences that many listeners may go through.
Reignbow isn’t on “The Fight Song” alone, she enlists Dragonfly to give the male perspective on things. The two blend well together on the track, feeding off of each other’s energy. He starts off “No one can hurt me, but me/Just no one but yourself/ and that can set you free/I ask for calm in the face of my demons/ But when shit hits the fan, I always have my reasons.” The song serves a purpose and that’s what matters most.
Take a listen to “The Fight Song” below and let us know your thoughts.


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