Spotlight Interview: Lorenzo Torez

He’s feeling great after the release of his latest single, “Either Way I Lose,” a track about finding and losing love. A topic that all walks of life can relate to. Lorenzo Torez, a rising R&B artist is on the right track to success and making his name memorable in this music industry. Not only is he a talented songwriter, but he is versatile with his image.
We got a chance to talk to Lorenzo Torez about his upcoming music, his plans for the rest of the year and some obstacles he has overcame as an artist. Check out the interview below.
What inspired you to make music and to be an artist?
Well, music is just something that I always knew I wanted to do I always would think about it constantly and I just had such a passion for it, music was always in my heart to do,to tell my story and when I discovered I could sing I knew I could touch others with not only my voice and singing with feeling and raw emotion but my words from my heart written from true life experiences things I’ve gone through and are going through, and also honestly when I found out I could sing and when I would sing it just felt unreal like kind of an out of body experience especially when writing and singing about my life and my stories just an awesome feeling! That was it for me right there I knew this was for me and what I was meant to do and what god had for me to do.
Who influenced your sound and style?
Man wow, there’s so many I’d have to say though Chris Brown, Neyo,Michael Jackson,Usher,Tevin Campbell
What are you currently working on?
I’m actually working and writing a lot on my new album coming soon looking for release hopefully this winter and also too, a video for my latest hot single “Either Way I Lose” (laughs). I’m so happy to say.
Are you doing any shows?
Not at the moment but I absolutely have that in the works coming I’m just really getting myself ready getting more records out and building my brand more so I can be totally ready and awesome and give awesome shows to my fans and crowd which they so deserve I want to always give my best and everything has to be right and perfect I’m an perfectionist I will admit that, I want to deliver Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Kanye West type shows so I want to get myself together and completely ready and right to achieve and deliver that.
What is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?
Wow that’s a tough one, um honestly growing up was not easy at all I had a lot of issues with myself loving myself accepting myself I had a lot of anger issues as well, a lot had to do with my father we didn’t have a good relationship at all when I was growing up which also caused issues in my adult life as well with a lot of things especially relationships, let’s be clear though my father is an amazing black man he just had issues expressing his love which he didn’t know how to do and honestly I don’t either now when it comes to relationships, me and my father are actually a lot alike I’m good at expressing my true feelings in my music only, but I’m working on that, but how I got through it was I gave it to god and I didn’t hold on to the past anymore I let it go and that’s how you will always heal from pain and issues, and also of course I found music and poured my heart into it, that was also a big help and healing and therapy for me to get through.
Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
Man I see a lot (laughs). I see my brand and career at such a high level I see awards won, I see myself on the top of the billboard charts, I see myself writing with and collaborating with major artists, I see big endorsement deals coming from my music and brand! There’s so much more ahead,the sky is the limit especially when your mind is made up on living your dreams there’s no stopping!

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