Tain- "Hundoe"

When you hit play on Tain’s “Hundoe” track, a familiar snippet from the 2001 movie “Double Take” comes on. For those of you who have not watched the comedy starring Eddie Griffin and Orlando Jones, you need you do yourself a favor and do so! The scene where Orlando Jones yells out “You ain’t keepin’ it real. You ain’t representin'” nicely ties in to Tain’s message in his song.
Tain feels right at home on his single, “Hundoe,” which is a track that focuses on figuring out who’s real and who’s only around with hidden agendas. Tain raps about his trust issues and how quickly friends can turn into foes. “They always talk that talk/ no actions they be showing/Thought I seen a lot of real/ too many turning phony,” he raps on the trap-inspired slick beat.
“Hundoe” is a relatable track because the listeners will be able to identify with Tain’s message. The lyricism in this track is real. Just being it is a banger, something that can easily be played in a club or party setting, “Hundoe” has truth in it. Big ups to Tain on this hot track. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts.

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