Memo310- Shay Had A Baby

“Shay Had A Baby” is a man’s story of this girl that he knew that had a baby. Now it isn’t as heart-wrenching as Tupac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby” however, Memo310 does touch on the fact that everything can change when a woman has a baby.
He sets up the story as Shay, must be a popular girl, who had everything going for her and then she gets pregnant. Her baby’s father isn’t in the picture and now she has to think about her newborn. Memo310 is looking from the outside in of how Shay is now prioritizing; she’s isn’t buying labels for herself. It’s about her baby now. It’s refreshing to hear men talk about this issues without being condescending or heartless. He raps about how he isn’t on speaking terms with Shay, but he’s still worried about her. Take a listen to his story and where Shay is now.


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