Chief – Necessary (feat. Bach)

In the height of the surprising election of 2016, this is a clear divide among Americans. The president-elect is no one other than Donald Trump. Despite his controversial tweets, statements, and “policies” he wants to in place, this will be the future of the United States. If you have been living under a rock, and not keeping up with the news, there have been many protests calling for a change. #NotMyPresident has been the popular hashtag and it is not going away no time soon.
The best way artists can express their feelings is to speak about it in their songs for the whole world to hear. “This is a revolution.” Division 88 is a music collective releasing weekly content about relevant and current events. “Necessary” is a track from rapper Chief, that express his views on the elections, covering protests, riots over the Trump election win. In “Necessary,” there are clips of Donald Trump during his speeches, his rallies, fights, protests, and even some riots all mesh together in an under 2 minutes visual. It’s powerful and does evoke some type of emotion, depending it you are for Trump or against him.
Chief is an artist to keep your eye on because he is definitely speaking truth and some of his feelings that many American can relate over the Trump election win. Check out “Necessary” and let’s keep this conversation going in a positive direction.

Instagram: dvsn.88
Twitter: dvsn_88

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