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As we wrap up some of our interviews for this year, we had to get CrimZn on PurpleBars. The anti-mainstream MC has just released his project, BAXattax and so far it is exactly what his fan expected. CrimZn isn’t the average artist; he is well aware of how to marketing his brand and music and knows the business of how to handle things in the industry. In this interview, CrimZn discuss his upbringing, inspiration for hip hop and music, what he has learned in 2016 and gives a special thanks to his support team and those who have been with him since day one. Check out the interview below!
So tell us what got you inspired to pursue a music career.
Poetry is what got me writing. Eventually I ended up being a major player in the PA hardcore music scene, lead vocalist for a few underground hardcore bands but rappin was just natural to me, my man Jesus from the Bronx was livin wit me and I wrote my first verse over a beat off a capone-n-noreaga album this was like 98 or 99 Neva looked back since then, now a days I write about things I’ve been through. Seen, or just emotions that I can only express with the talent god or whatever higher power gave me…bars.
What was it like recording your latest project?
Recording my latest project was the most fun I had doin one, hittin the lab wit my fam, droppin some ill tracks with dope artists, like pacewon who is a mc I looked up to growing up when they dropped that outsidaz album with Eminem on it, danny diablo who I’ve known for mad long from hardcore shows, he blessed me with a verse, there’s a lot of great features on this BAXattax and actually taking the time to have it mixed and mastered and my homie DJ penpal put some cuts and arrangements on it, so overall this is my favorite release to date and I had a blast doin it.
What do you hope listeners and new fans will get out of listening to your music.
I hope it reaches an open minded fan base. My music is unique its hiphop, like the beats for the most part I would consider boombap style, but there’s a couple mainstream type beats and some horrorcore type shit, lyrically I hope they analyze my bars there’s a lot of thought that I put into every word, every punchline, every hook concept, so I just hope they give it a listen all the way through its put together in an arrangement that takes you on a ride in the mind of myself and the features on it. I can guarantee if they into nas, necro, immortal technique, or many other artists like them they’ll dig BAXattax. And I got numerous other albums and videos on my website as well.
What is one lesson you’ve learned while being an independent artist.
Keep your circle tight, give respect as you would want it given to you, don’t try to ride no one else’s coat tails be your own unique individual, there’s enough blue printed made to market copies out there make what you enjoy and do it for the passion of creation, I don’t give 2 fucks about being rich, I just want my music out there, Im a quiet humble dude, I was taught to keep your eyes wide open and your month shut, know when to and when not to speak, so the way I get to let people get to know who CrimZn is and what I’m about is lyrically.
As an indie artist, how do you market your music and your brand?
I do some of my own promotion, I heavily use Instagram @therealcrimzn if yawl wanna follow me there, on Twitter @crimzn but I got an official website that is fairly new that I’m concentrating on most my efforts there, I have some connects that hook me up on the love and of course if your a serious artist you know its a business now and if you don’t invest in yourself no one else will either so if a dope opp comes up I might jump on it, but performing live is the best way to promote yourself, I got a few shows coming up, one in Scranton Jan 7th the at kung fu necktie in philly Jan 27th wit my homie adot wake and some others its part of the project Bourne tour, then another date on that tour back in Scranton.
What has the reception lately from fans listening to your music been like?
I literally just dropped it but so far so good, a lot of positive feedback and some sales and it just dropped yesterday so that’s a good sign, I’d say. Every now and then I get negative feedback and like I learned on 52nd and market in west Philly first time I was in rehab, if it don’t apply let it fly…(laughs).
What are your plans for 2017?
I got plans on doin a few couple day tours, cause I work full time 40 to 50 hours a week anytime I have outside of work is about family and music, but I have plans on playing SXSW and the gathering of the juggalos, I’m not a juggalo but I fuck with them and there movement, and gonna put out a lot more music. I’m droppin trax steady so albums just come back to back. And most likely more videos too I wanna get a animated video made like a comic book jawn, that’d be dope for 2017.
Give a shout out to the people who helped you with this latest project and who have always supported you.
Yea most deff. First i wanna shout out my wifey and who is also my hype girl talia she always supports me and my projects and I was just runnin the streets still actin like a young thug, she changed my life mad love forever, ta the artists who helped make this happen, Pacewon, adlib, ceekay jones,Gov L, danny diablo, Dj pen pal, suspect from marmel ent outta Canada, Eyedos from Vermont, adot wake, SI studios, HUGE shout out ta all my battleaxe warriors family, they are my brothers and sisters and true friends,my homies who hooked me up with beats on this jawn, Odin Smith from philly, tone Jones, anno domini, da beat tyrants & mercy gang, Pauly bags maine & hefty metal RIP bro Neva forget u. Shout out ta all my fiveseventy ent. Fam they know who they are there’s just honestly to many to name. Shout out ta yawl too for interviewing me I know yawl said you had to listen to my music before you’d interview me so much love and respect. If I missed somebody it ain’t personal I just know to many fuckin people,
Are you opened to doing collaborations. If so, what artists did you have in mind.
Yea I just did 2 features I don’t charge an arm and a leg cause I know what its like being an up an comer and not having much of, if any budget to work with, but if I think they wak I won’t do a feature even if they paying full feature price cause that’s my name on that. If its the right artist I’m open to just making a banga together on the love, but this a business it costs money to make money if you can’t afford to do a feature or don’t believe in yourself enough to invest in making that track, maybe yawl should do something else, just sayin.
Anything else you would like to share with our audience?
Go check out order your copy of BAXattax and you get a copy of another dope mixtape free via a download code, and go google CrimZn and follow me on all my social media sites, peace love and hiphop… “I am the anti-mainstream MC” CrimZn
@therealcrimzn on IG
@CrimZn on dat twitter
And yawl can find me on iTunes Google play, Spotify, amazon music I’m every where… Get into it….

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