NEW: Quadroon – "Best of the Worst"

Who is Quadroon? Well for starters, this buzzing hip hop artist is headed in the right direction for his music. The 18-year-old is fresh in the game, but with his rhymes and art of storytelling, that’s no stopping him. And that’s what music is about or at least should be about—talent. Quadroon is talented and his new single, “ Best of the Worst” is the proof in the pudding.
So welcome new fans and listeners and come on aboard loyal supporters and let’s listen to “Best of the Worst.” The recent release seems like an anthem, something for those who are trying to push through obstacles and struggles. Quadroon tells his story: “Ain’t complaining/but look/we was that/took a whole lot of work to get to the other side/and you better trust that;” and many can relate to his lyricism. So it’s safe to say that Quadroon isn’t just a Soundcloud artist, he’s in this for the real deal. “Best of the Worst” is a track that you can vibe to as you listen to the young rapper rap about life lessons and such.
This young artist is making moves. We are rooting for him! If you don’t know Quadroon, here is your time to get to know him through his music. This is the best song to add to your new or favorite playlist.
Let us know your thoughts about the single. STREAM it below:

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