Docta JFK "Make Hip Hop Great Again"

Docta JFK hails from College Park, GA, so you know he’s culturally seasoned with hip hop elements. With influences ranging from Rakim, 2Pac and OutKast, Docta JFK takes a little something from each artist and adds his own style to it.
His latest single, “Make Hip Hop Great Again” is a real eye openers to those who have said hip hop is dead. Docta comes with his gloves off and is ready to fight bar for bar with this so-called rappers in the games. What you hear on the radio, is not the type of music Docta makes. He’s the real deal. He’s hip hop. In the song, he talks about getting rid of these wack rappers and name drops from Young Thug, Lil Boat, and Fetty Wap. Take a listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

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