Ice Grill -"The Book Of Life" Ft. AZ

“It’s Ice Grill and AZ, who’s f*cking with that.” No one. And we agree. This is true hip hop from every element; the production, the bars, and the hell of a collaboration.
Meet Ice Grill, the vet hip hop artist hailing from New York. He’s seasoned and been in the rap game for a while, so Ice Grill is nothing to play with. The lyricist just recently released his single, “The Book of Life” featuring another great MC, AZ. The collaboration fits so well like a glove as each artist tell their story lacing the rhymes with raw words, clever wordplay, and of course the metaphors and punchlines. It’s a banger for sure and a track that should and will be respected.
Ice Grill is true to the hip hop craft and since being in the music business and working with artists such as AZ, SkyZoo, Chris Rivers, and GDep, Ice Grill has always remained true to himself and his artistry. Now that is how you do it. Never change up and keep your authenticity alive.
“Book of Life” is fresh off of Ice Grill’s upcoming album, #BlackChalk2. Keep your eyes locked on that.
Stream and purchase “Book of Life” here.

Twitter: @Icegrill585 | @DJM80 | @Teamblackchalk
Instagram: @Ice585Grill | @djm80 | teamblackchalk

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