Langston Hughes III – The Legend of Eddie Kane

There’s so much culture packed into Langston Hughes III’s latest track, “The Legend of Eddie Kane.” For starters, if you are a fan of classic films, then we know you have seen the 1991 movie, “The Five Heartbeats”. Langston Hughes III gives us nostalgia while paying tribute to Eddie Kane, one of the stars in that film. Next, the classic hip hop beat just seals the deal. We already know this track will be something special.
Langston Hughes III, a hip hop group is named after the very legendary and Renaissance Man, Langston Hughes. And since it is Black History Month, this track couldn’t have came at a better time. Kudos to the group, Langston Hughes III for giving us that good feeling of Black pride, culture, and history.
As for the single, “The Legend of Eddie Kane,” the production screams golden era hip hop and the flows and lyrics match that. You have to nod your head while listening to this track. It’s contagious and it’s so good. The standout out rhyme that pretty much sums up the legacy of Eddie Kane and the group Langston Hughes III is : “Laugh now, cry later/ I rhyme greater/ than the average nowadayer/ whose heavy weight/ 20 years removed/ blessed, battered and bruise/ still I’m the same dude”. We will let you let that sink in for a bit.
Stream the single below and check out the group on social media.


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