@LeoWilde- "The Dark Love"

Leo Wilde takes us listeners into a deep song about choices and life lessons and how we as people can learn from them and maybe even prevent some things from happening. It’s a song wrapped with hope and positivity and on the same side can serve as a cautionary tale on life.
Leo Wilde’s latest single, “The Dark Love” is pretty much self-explanatory by the title, but Leo gives us more. He’s personal. And that is what we like about artists who aren’t afraid to share they story in their art. He raps about growing up in a broken family and how that affected his adulthood.
There are just too many poignant parts in the song and one lyric that standout is all about dedication and believing in oneself. Leo raps: “No idea too small / no idea too big /understand things we can / all we have to do is dig /deep inside our hearts within / find a place to listen/things ain’t always as they seem/we just have to not freak/out that is…” And just with that, listeners are moved.
It’s a good song with a good rap delivery over a trippy-like beat. Kudos to the production as Leo Wilde not only writes his rhymes, but also produced this single.


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