New Joint: @QuadroonMusic- "Watch"

Woohoo! This new kid by the name of Quadroon is too good for his own good. The old soul (lyricist) is mixed with a new flow, as he keeps it current to what the young audience like in their hip hop music. Quadroon does a great job balancing the two demands in his latest single, “Watch”. The real hip hop heads can appreciate the lyricism laced with metaphors, storytelling, and cleverness in his bars. On the other hand, the production is new age. Shout out to Myles, the producer on the track.
With each new release, it seems as if Quadroon is letting us into his world as his stories are so vividly painted and his bars are so real. He is definitely in his own lane. Authentic and not fazed by the mainstream. That’s so dope that a young artist his age is focused on his craft and artistry and not being too hyped up in being the next wave. Quadroon has talented and that’s going to take him far enough. No gimmicks with this kid.
He speaks out, almost like a spoken-word style: “So they ask myself, what do you see. So they ask myself, how do I free; I’m just me.” It speaks volumes and it is very important for an independent artist to know himself first and understand what music he wants to make and the reason behind that. Quadroon is well on his way. As the title suggests, just watch Quadroon do his thing.

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