REVIEW: @thecataclysmic1 – "Amplified Minds"

We recently did an interview with The Cataclysmic Variable not too long ago and the group is something amazing in what they do. The Cataclysmic Variable is an innovative hip hop collective founded by artists and producers who have set out to revolutionize the music scene in their own right. Formed with different backgrounds and musical tastes, this psychedelic hip hop group are back with their mixtape Amplified Minds. In the interview, Grim Singmuf, the founder talks about the makings of Amplified Minds stating that: “we have been making music together for a very long time and in different circumstances, most of those songs were soundcloud releases, this time we are more focused using the previous experiences to develop ourselves as a group.”
Now, back with Amplified Minds, we at choose to give it a listen. It’s spacey, trippy, and oh so good. It’s eccentric as the intro sets us up for what’s in stored for the 23-track album. “Amped Mindz” is an instant banger. The production is dope. And as a listener, you can’t help but to nod your head along to the beat and rhymes. The next track, “Everybody Got a Story to Tell” is very telling and poignant in which the artists speak on social issues that we face living in America. It’s compacted with lyrics that make you think.
Next,”Beside You” lightens the mood a bit. It’s not so heavy in content, however the lyricism still make you ponder: “skip the artificial, satisfaction comes easy when you see it’s not an issue.””Beside You” is a standout track. We heard elements of hip hop and some pop sounds, and now “Brain in a Vat” brings that futuristic sound that The Cataclysmic Variable are their most comfortable in. “Brain in a Vat” is sort of like a foil to “Hunger Cries,” due to the futuristic elements in both production; however “Hunger Cries” is the better song. It’s darker and deeper based on the content: “No one can stop me, what you know about being hunger, got no where to sleep, my mattress concrete.” Wow! Nonetheless, The Cataclysmic Variable are fearless with experimentation of music. It’s a beautiful thing.
“Cloudy” is our favorite track due to hip hop essence. We have to appreciate that as serious hip hop heads. This is the track you bump in your car with the windows down during the hot summer. Following up is “So Blind,” which is a track that shows great strives of how the group rotate genres from song to song and it does not seem out of place. The same goes for “Mind Amplified.” The line, “Pass me the mic, I got a signal from outer space” is so out of body. This mixtape makes you forget about your problems and teaches you how to have an open mind to new sounds.
“Thundermist”throws out culture references from The Sopranos to Scarface and is the most thought-provoking song off the album. It paints vivid pictures of the world that they see that others may ignore. “I say on the move, just like my hometown/…where the parents shoot up / that’s the usual scene/ crackheads, prostitutes, and the dope fiends.” It’s some powerful rhymes packed in this track.
The closing track, “Whip It,” is before the outro, but leaves an impact. It’s an ill track with trippy elements that blends hip hop and some EDM into it. “Whip It” is a song you might roll up to. But you didn’t hear that from us. Get enlighten.
Overall a dope experiment mixing and blending genres together that all music fans can appreciate.

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