Amaze (@Only1Amaze) Drops "Whateva"

New album from hip hop artist Amaze, is something all rap fans should listen to. We recently heard the five-track collection and here is what we had to say about it!
The opener, “Y Not” tells the story of going after what you want at any cost. It’s a motivational track and is definitely the perfect example of YOLO.
Next up is “Whateva,” an ode as a dismissal to all of the dudes that “ain’t on [Amaze’s] level.” The song is music you can roll up to. It’s a banger.
“Get It” and “Get High” are the radio-friendly songs. Both are sort of interchangeable as far content, production, and message. These tracks we can picture being played on the radio. Both tracks are for the streets.
Last but not least is “Stack This Paper.” The closing track is surprisingly the standout song off the album. This will be a fan favorite after listening to the album all the way through.
Stream Whateva here:
Instagram / Twitter: @Only1Amaze

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