Linkz- "Echoes and Hallucinations"

Linkz is back with his new joint, “Echoes and Hallucinations,” which is a track that is definitely thought-provoking.
While the production is lit and is similar to beats you may hear on mainstream radio, it is hard to confuse the track for a banger– just musically speaking. However, Linkz hits you with the bars and he is a great storyteller, as he paints the picture of what is happening in his life. People could be out to hurt him such as the haters and the naysayers. Friends could possibly turn into his foes. He doesn’t know who to trust on “Echoes and Hallucinations.” But he stays motivated and grinds harder than the rest.
“Echoes and Hallucinations” is a song you can just ride to and vibe out to the lyrics. It is relatable with the lyrics as well as Linkz raps about themes of betrayal, paranoid, and success.
Take a listen below and be a judge for yourself.

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