Review: @Freenauts -"Beats, Rhymes & Liberty"

Political rap group Freenauts exploded onto the scene last year when their anti-Clinton rap videos hit the internet, reaching over a million views on WorldStar Hip Hop and Drudge Report. Let’s just say that these guys aren’t here to sugarcoat anything in their music, and their message resonates with what’s going on in today’s society at large.

The first Freenauts single, “Crazy Sexy Rebel,” which is the opening track off of their new mixtape Beats, Rhymes & Liberty, is one to add to your playlist. It celebrates a special kind of woman. . The new single can be found on Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.
Freenauts are lyrically among the best political rappers we’ve heard, and perhaps what sets them apart is their ear for melodies and how well their flow and delivery mesh with the production. As soon as “Crazy Sexy Rebel” opens with “I like a rebel chick/ and she hella fit/ She a activist, anti-establishment,” we know we are in for something super dope.

Other standout songs off the Beats, Rhymes & Liberty project, like “Can’t Turn Away,” “Nowhere to Run,” and “Clinton Crime Cartel” are all bangers. “Can’t Turn Away” is a soulful hip hop jam that gives off that classic 90s vibe, yet knocks hard with a thought-provoking message of freedom, in true Freenauts form. Perhaps their modus operandi is summed up with one line from that particular track: “Nobody’s as bad as this crew/ radical youth with a passion for truth.”

In a time when people of all political stripes are searching for more substance and deeper meaning, it’s no wonder Freenauts has the internet in a frenzy.

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