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Corallo Bux is high off life with his latest release, Long Awaited Most Anticipated, which dropped on April 3. The buzzing artist is out his making major moves and putting on for his hometown, Eastern Shore of Virginia. We recently caught up with Corallo Bux to discuss his new project, what he has learned thus far being an independent artist and his upcoming plans.
Tell us about yourself and your music.
I’m an up & coming artist from the Eastern Shore of Virginia . I started making music around 14 years old, 8 years has passed since then. I would make lil mixtapes for friends & family to listen to, but never actually took it serious until now. Formerly known as YungBoi Tha Prophet but I seen no progress with that I took a 4 year break from music, to find myself , my style , just to reinvent myself , with a new name Corallo Bux, new label Fast Bux No Kuff / LMF, with my debut project “Long Awaited Most Anticipated” which dropped on April 3, 2017
How would you describe your sound?
It’s just real, the pain, the struggle the hardships you can hear it all in my voice. Its edgy , the things I talk about is real life situations, things I seen, things I done, what I’ve been through & been around my whole life, its more street but it has a message that’s a lot deeper
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
Making this mixtape/street album I was just writing every day not even considering the thought of going to the studio, but one day I just woke up called my partner and said get in touch with a studio for today “im ready lets get it” I done 3 songs in 3 hours. Came back a week later 2 more , & another week after that I done 5 more tracks, and in just 3 weeks the mixtape was finished. But big ups & appreciation to my partner cause he executive produced the whole thing, without him I don’t think it would be what it is now.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
Right now im more focused just pushing this project hard as I can, networking just building the Fast Bux No Kuff / LMF brand. But I definitely have something in store for the summer of 2017
My second project entitled “Fly Trippin” so be on the lookout for that,
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
I gotta say, receiving a message from someone one Facebook from the United Kingdom, saying they love my music and that they want me to come there for a show in the future so that definitely meant something to being that the mixtape hasn’t been out for even a month & and its reached not only a different country but another continent! That’s a highlight for sure.

Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s).

To be honest, I’m willing to work with anyone , who see’s my potential.
But I’m not to big on mainstream , I listen indie artist such ass, YFN Lucci, Burga, Rum, Young Fool, & few artist from my hometown so that’s my ideal collaboration
Name something random that people do not know about you.
I’m a quite person I really don’t talk much, Haha now that’s random coming from an artist who talks all the time on a microphone
What’s one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
Whatever you want you have go for it and earn nothing is given, u got the half bread to build your brand being broke gets you no where, u want studio time u gotta pay for it , videos, promotion, interviews, shows etc everything, you have to drop a bag before u see any profit, just like the streets to me just another business, with no hustle your stuck that’s life.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Consistency, im here to stay remember the name Corallo Bux . It’s just the beginning.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Just be on the look out, make sure everyone checks out my debut project “Long Awaited Most Anticipated on spinrilla right now available from streaming & download.
Follow me on facebook @CoralloBux
Instagram @corallobux_fbnk
Twitter @CoralloBux425
Soundcloud @ Corallo Bux
Andd youtube @ Corallo Bux
“Fly Trippin” #EP summer 2017 BUX!

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