G8ABAK – UltraVylit

Hip hop is the form of art to speak your truth. It’s a platform where your voice could reach many. Here comes G8ABAK (pronounced gator back) with his single, “UltraVylit” that speaks on bullying and sharing your voice. The single is dedicated to his close friend’s daughter, Vylit VanderGiessen, who took her life too soon. A hip hop track with a purpose and substance. We applaud G8ABAK for his work.
Not only is G8ABAK is an artist, but he is an engineer and producer as well as wear many musical hats. Get to know the artist through his rhymes.
Take a listen to the track below.

*Please download the song, and share the video link. Proceeds will be donated to suicide awareness for troubled kids. #VoiceForVylit #SaveTheKids

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