D-Ni-L drops "This In't A Party"

Born in Croydon, UK, the buzzing artist, D-Ni-L had a rough past, but a brighter future. After overcoming substance addiction, he discovered his passion for music, being a self taught musician, playing the instruments such as the drums, keyboards, bass and the guitar. His sound ranging from rapping, to singing to either screaming vocals on tracks. D-Ni-L is different in his own right. Now with the release of his project, This In’t A Party, fans and new listeners are able to fully get to know the man behind the music. This In’t A Party is autobiographical, with raw storytelling and some dope production choices. It’s unapologetic and tells his story about battling 20 years with alcohol and drug addiction. This can be a cautionary tale for some and very inspiring for others.

The 13-track collection gives a flow to the life experiences D-Ni-L has encountered, starting at the tender age of 16 with experimenting with alcohol and drugs.
The standout tracks are”Suckle” and “Me” which glimpse a deeper explanation of the reasonings behind his addiction and what really went on. D-Ni-L doesn’t hold back anything and as a true artist, we can respect that.
“Hype” tells a different story about choosing the right woman. He raps, “[you’ll] gamble with your sexual health,” pointing out that this particular woman might not be the right one for him.
“Calamity” follows closely behind “Hype” and is mellow, but it is impactful with the lyrics: “I tried to make the liquor that the rap for me.” D-Ni-L talks about being in denial.

Overall, This In’t A Party, is the recovery he and other might need and it’s all through the music.

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