Album Review: @OBKingofKings – "Celestial Offerings"

“Celestial Offerings” comes from another artist from M.O.B Stars called O.B.

O.B. is the shortened version of another acronym O.B.I.E. — One Brother in Evolution. O.B was originally what he went by while going up on the streets of Patterson, New Jersey. He is often seen as the head of the group, keeping everyone motivated and making sure everyone is on the right track musically and in real life. His flow can be compared to some greats such as  Nas, Kanye, or Talib Kweli.
“Celestial Offerings” was described as  “A musical time capsule which incorporates the various styles and elements which have come to form the hip-hop genre, all the while raising the bar past the ionosphere, and providing for solid motifs and story lines throughout the piece”. Take a listen to it here:
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O.B. has a flow that I like. Just like his groupmate SaFE, he has a very dope deliverance. He has his own unique flow but I can still compare some if it to some of Nas’ earlier works  which is also dope. Deliverance has to be one of my favorite tracks on the album. He gives off a throwback hip hop vibe with his analogies and rhymes plus the lyricism he puts off just brings back Talib Kweli vibes all over again.
When you think of hip hop, O.B. should be one of the artists you should think of. He too has an effortless flow that makes you feel that he talking directly to you. You can also tell that O.B. is an intellectual with the content some of the songs on this track has. One Example is Lost in Thought (Reflux) and Bodai De Maestro where he says “Don’t ever say a …fly….I’m over stratus” which may actually fly over some people’s heads if they don’t know what a stratus (cloud) is. Suddenly has a dope throwback R&B vibe to it which I loved. The chorus was smooth. Party & Bullsh*t was a song that had a different sound from his other tracks. It reminded me of an instrumental that Kanye would have produced or made a track with.
Overall I would recommend this album to real hip hop fans who love the throwback flows.
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