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Meet Recklous, a buzzing hip hop artist with a story to tell. His music is insightful and definitely will have you nodding your head. Recklous is definitely an artist to have on your radar. We recently did an interview with him and we discuss his upcoming plans, music and more. Peep it below.
Tell us about yourself and your music.
Untill 11 I grew up a well mannered kid in the santa cruz california mountains. My first experience with music was the rap and hip-hop music my sister’s used to play on their stereos and on a hand me down iPod nano loaded with classic rock. At 11 I moved with my parents to Marysville California and got into (then) the modern rap and hip-hop circulating through the public schools. There was this girl I liked in middle school that used to listen to alot of Lil Wayne and Eminem and so I got into that for a while. Also I had friends that were into it too so that helped influence my childhood music taste. I also used to listen to alot of Kid Cudi and he was the artist I feel I connected to the most. In highschool I listened to alot of MGK, Tech N9ne and even more Kid Cudi and whatever rap was on the radio at the time. I used to freestyle to friends, people I knew and people I just met all around the city on park benches and smoke circles and virtually anywhere there was something burning in the air. I told everyone freshman year I would rap professionally, some people thought that was cool, alot more people laughed in my face. Here I am as an adult still chasing and living my dreams, and rap music happens to be the most important thing in my life besides family. I made mistakes in highschool, got into alot of different drugs, had a stint with Adderall for a long time, got kicked out of my house for a week, got into even more drugs and that’s when I finally realized I had to get my act together. I apologized and came back home. I just smoked weed and ciggarettes once I was 17. Drank occasionally, and got out of hard drugs. I also got my G.E.D. after failing school all 4 years, got my licence and my first car.
When I turned 18 I moved back to santa Cruz, got my first job, quit smoking cigarettes, got a bank account, got my first three jobs, each one better paying than the last and finally had the pieces of my life I was missing. All throughout I was always writing and recording music amatuerly through my home studio. I recorded my first professional single “One Day” at the end of 2016 and wrote and recorded my second at the beginning of 2017. I’ve always had this vision of my music being inspirational, exciting, and with a certain level of graduer to match my personal attitude. My styles can vary a bit and change throughout my career but I always made one promise to myself and any of my fans,always rap about real life and nothing but reality and what I believe.
How would you describe your sound?
I would say what’s different about my music is bringing back that classic old-school vibe of tight rymes and real life, but staying ahead of the times in style, production and new school ryme schemes. I’m heavily convinced partying in a safe and fun environment can actually benefit the soul, and not all fixes are created equal. I have nothing against smoking weed as I did for a long time myself but it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore so don’t expect any smoking songs anytime soon. I always try and spread words of inspiration for anybody going through dark times. Even with my life being way better like it is today I still have to tackle old demons and I understand that it’s a lifelong battle. Especially for drug addicts and ex addicts.
I just try as hard as I can to be the lighthouse for anybody stuck in dark places. I also understand the feeling of loss from great relationships with bad circumstances and will address that in future tracks. I believe in being raw, uncut, blunt, yet understanding with my music, just like real life is. That is my ultimate goal and I won’t stray from the path.
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
Ohhh all the memories I instantly forgot and had to ressurface over time. Talking about blackouts of course. Blackout I feel is a teaser to the harder tracks I have to offer in the future, and yet still lighthearted in the simple mistake of drinking way past your limit. I don’t blackout often (and I don’t condone you do) but in some messed up way I almost enjoy the mystery of a night of forgotten stupidity. It reminds me of a spy movie, or a detective show. To hear somebody else tell me what happened the night before and just having to believe them, to me is the weirdest thing you can experience in life. I wrote the song more as a memoir than moments I live everyday, but occasionally becomes relevent for me again when I drink a little more than I shouldv’e. I thought up the hook when I was imagining what a perfect drinking song would say if I was in it, or also what song would describe my nights blacking out. I always tell myself things in my head to keep me focused and not a slump on the ground. “Mind says stay steady, keep it movin, I know you feel the drop now, don’t pass out, you ain’t finna cop out, been through this before, I’ma boutta blackout”, lines in the song describe my headspace, drunk, perfectly. The “it’s a real Bourne ultimatum, like Matt Damon…..”, Describe the feeling after. As if I had amnesia like Jason Bourne. It’s not as deep as some of the future tracks I wrote but it was honestly entertaining to write and record, and to be honest, I play it with the rest of my music sometimes just to relive the memories of those project X -like nights.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
My next project I don’t wanna spoil too much before it comes out but I will tell you the title, and explain the meaning. It’s an EP called 80/20. It will be a FREE project just to spread the love, and is entirely made up of 80’s sounding classic rock samples. The name is almost self explanatory like seeing into the past, but because it’s more than 20/20 the deeping meaning, is bringing the past into the future. It’s more than normal sight, it’s looking farther forward. I know for a fact there will be at least 11 tracks, but I cannot tell you when it will be released. The project is still in it’s early stages but the plan is to have it out before Summer 2017 ends. I plan to revolutionize my genre with these tracks, and it will be way different than anything you’ve heard recently, be that a bad or good thing, the choice is yours.
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
The most exciting part of this career path is the new people I meet everyday, all the good advice I’ve gotten from professionals in this industry, and the chance to affect people’s lives in a positive way. The best thing that’s happened to me so far on my path up the ladder is definitely meeting and working with my Producer/Co-Worker AQ1NOTX. He is the best producer I’ve met, with revolutionary sounds, and even though I’m biased his beats are my favorite. They also match my rap style perfectly. He’s been a great friend and an amazing mentor to me and I respect his music as much as I do my own. Also a great small victory for me was winning the Coast2Coast Hottest in the State, California, mixtape contest with Blackout near the top. Definitely my first small win, but definitely not my last. I gotta take time out to thank everybody that voted. You guys are the best. I love everybody who supports me on this path and everybody who produces great sound around me.
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s)
The Top 5 artists I would be most excited to work with professionally would be:
1. Kid Cudi (at the very top)
2. J.Cole (barely in second, I feel we have similar styles)
3. MGK (I love how much of a badass as an artist this is, and I’m into the whole rock it and tear things up attitude side he holds down in the rap game)
4. Tech N9ne (I would love to kill some chopper music with him, I grew up off that ish)
5. King Tef (as far as I can tell he is one of the most genuine artists coming up right now)
Name something random that people do not know about you.
I was adopted as a baby. As a result I have 2 mom’s. I only have 1 dad though because my biological is nowhere to be found. Things were very complicated when I was born. I love both of my families equally, and it really just means there’s more love to go around. We’re all in very good standing now that I’m an adult.
What’s one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
One thing I’ve found very interesting in the indie industry, is how much some independent artists will say it’s like the industry is out to get them, yet I have always met people that have been real to me and helped me rise up. The belief people have in me personally and in my music is totally unparalled to anything I’ve known. I figure I must be doing something right. I’m not quitting untill I’m at the very top either. And then I still won’t.
What can we expect from you in the future?
I always have big plans and I work hard to make them happen. This isn’t just a dream job, it’s my entire life. I take my music as serious as I take my own life and I plan to do amazing things. I plan on taking the nation by storm, releasing amazing tracks, take on the world and live my life to the fullest till my last breathe. My mission won’t stop untill I’m dead. As far as anything concrete, I know I’ll have the 80/20 EP coming out in 2017. Sometime late 2017 or early 2018, I’ll be dropping a second EP, and a full debut album “One Day” shortly after. I’m working on booking shows the rest of the year and filling up my setlist. Music video ideas are coming into play also. As long as I’m booking enough shows, official merch and my website will be coming up this year as well. This year has already been a huge success and I’m riding that wave for the long term. My motto for 2017 is take no L’s. And that’s my plan.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I appreciate everybody support and gotta say wish me luck on this 2017. You’ve read it here first, but soon will see me in action. I appreciate all the love and support and will continue making music for you all untill I am physically incapable of making a decent track. It’s all love. Appreciate you all.

“Blackout (Prod. AQ1NOTX)”
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