@DENARDDAPOET Releases "Truths, Understanding, Poetry And Culture"

Born Vincent Settles, Vin-O formerly know as  Denard Da Poet was raised in N.E Washington D.C. off Benning Rd, one of D.C.’s most notorious arteries. He refers to D.C. As “the Middle East” because it’s in the middle of “up north” and “down south”. His experience from his crime riddled neighborhood has taught him many survival skills, thus helping him manage to obtain a higher level of education while simultaneously being surrounded by his childhood friends and dangerous way of life. Many of those friends have experienced death and incarceration. However, this experience has influenced his music greatly, often expressing his first hand experiences in the streets and partying to conscious intellect and tales of reality. His music is a versatile look into his life chronicles.
“His music can come from so far left but remain true to himself. He takes solace in his music, bridging the gap between all types of people while ranging from such subjects as the streets, club and socially mindful topics that enlighten the masses.”
On June 23, 2017, Vin-O released  “Truths, Understanding, Poetry, and Culture” an amazing 22 track album filled with different flows and sounds that will each impact you a different way.  Listen to is below:
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The tracks go from self-empowering songs like “Love Yourself” which is a dope song on a 6lack type beat, to calling people and faults in the world out like “Contradictions”. This is my first time listening to Vin-O but after hearing this, I am a fan. The album is a long one but it gives you a taste of who he is. It shows how diverse his mind is. He a lot of his upbringing into his music. His punchlines are hard hitting and to be honest, more than half of the tracks on this album  I can hear them on the radio. Each has a catchy instrumental and a smooth flow on top of it to match. One of my favorite tracks on there is “Born Winner”. You normally hear about drugs and women constantly in current songs out now but he’s out here pushing out music about getting trough hardships and gaining positivity which is pretty dope. I can now see why he’s considered one of D.C.’s most lyrically gifted artist.
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