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He has an interesting story to tell. Meet Chris Ellenwood, the buzzing artist hailing from Cali. The talented artists has his brand in tact and has build a strong fanbase. We had to get to know the man behind the music. Check out the interview below:
Tell us about yourself and your music.
My name is Chris Ellenwood. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Sacramento, CA. My music really just started out as an outlet for shit I was going through in my life. Eventually enough of my friends liked it to the point where they kept asking me to make more music and now I’m here. My music is kind of dark. Like I said, it’s me expressing the shit I deal with in life. I don’t always make dark music though, usually when I collab I like to experiment with different themes and styles. My music is for people who don’t know how to deal with life.
How would you describe your sound?
Dark…People often say I sound like E-40. So imagine if E-40 rapped similarly to Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Mac Miller.
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
It was a wild experience. I wrote it while I was in college. I was recording in my dorm and during summers I was recording in my homie’s basement. It’s literally just a compilation of the shit that happened during those years.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
I’m currently working on my upcoming EP called “Panic Room”. I also got a couple of collab projects coming out soon with Ron E Polo and Julien the Child. No immediate shows on the schedule but some should be coming soon.
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
Well I just started playing shows this past year so that has definitely been the highlight of my music career so far. Collabing with other artist has also been really fun. I started this rap thing while living in my college dorm so actually rapping with other artist is amazing.
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s).
I would love to collaborate with Da$h. He is one of my favorite independent rappers. I think his bars are incredibly overrated and I just think we could make some dope music together.
Name something random that people do not know about you.
I like studying ancient history. It’s sort of a passion of mine.
What’s one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
I’ve learned that no one is going to put in the work for you. You don’t just blow up overnight. You have to make the connections. You have to put out the right music. You got to network with the right people. And even when you don’t want to, you got to take time to try to expand your brand. I just like making music so all this self-promotion stuff is new for me.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Like I said, Panic Room EP is coming out soon. Expect those collab projects to be announced in the near future also. ANd yeah. Might have a few more LA shows coming up soon. Follow me on twitter or instagram @brownbearmusic3 in order to keep updated.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Go check out my latest mixtape Dream/Awake. You can find it on Datpiff or on my SoundCloud. Keep a look out for Panic Room EP coming out soon.

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