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Up next we have rap artist KillJoy as our Spotlight Interview. The buzzing artist is more than just a rapper; he is a producer too. Signed with Fattys House Records, KillJoy is building his fanbase and is having a hell of a time doing so. His crew is definitely lit.
We got a chance to chat with KillJoy about his music, upcoming plans, and some lessons he has learned along the way. Peep the interview below.

Tell us about yourself and your music.
I’m a producer and rapper at Fattys House Records and I go by KillJoy. I released my first solo album in 2000. I’ve also worked in several side groups, including my current one called Forever Green Hustlers. I’ve been really blessed in the sense I’ve gotten to share the mic, and the stage with a lot of legendary artists who changed the game. I have over 80,000 views on youtube, and I’m probably most known for not being known.

How would you describe your sound?
Realistically I absolutely have developed my own sound over time. At the same time though I have always been proud of the fact that my sound is quote un quote, no sound. I mean by that, I can do anything. I always respected artists like Redman, or Ol Dirty Bastard, or Nas to the fullest. For the simple fact that they could collaborate with a Christina Aguilera, or Mariah Carrey, or J. Lo and it was never a compromise. Their parts were always so good, and still honest to themselves and their fans that it actually worked in a way that now you might have a more open mind as far as what these pop artists were doing too. That is what I strive to do as an artist, and a person in general. I can find a way to work in any enviroment and deliver a product that will make everyone involved happy to be a part of it. But I try to do all that while leaving my mark at the same time.
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
I’m actually working on a few notable projects all at the same time right now. I’m producing for several indie artists, but my group (The Forever Green Hustlers) has a new album in the final stages called Forever Green Family and I’m hella proud of the sound over all on it. It’s really interesting sonically. We also have an album coming out called Linked Up that is more of an album you might hear out at EDC. I just produced an official sanctioned remix for Gucci Man & Fury that’s going on my boy Fat D’s first solo album. But this Potato Chip Pussy music video (and single) are from my first solo studio album in over 15 years. I’m calling it Confidential, and I’m really using it as my opportunity to give my audience everything. It’s the sum of my life up to this point. I used every connection I had, expressed all of the things I didn’t speak as openly about on all of the group projects, and really went through like a rebirth in the process. I had been wanting to make this exact album for over seven years. It just continued to evolved though as my life was in chaos at a point. So ideas I originally had I was able to take the time and dissect them, and open them up. I have Mastamind on the second single which is Potato Chip Pussy. The first single (Not A Human Being) had Spice-1. I put some of my best production ever onto the album and then still had session musicians come in and add layers of live bass, or violin, or talkbox, or guitar. It still has three guests I haven’t even announced or talked about and still really can’t yet. But it also has my remix to D.S.Y.D.S. (Don’t See You Doin’ Shit) that has Madchild & Ca$his. Even if you heard the original of that record I promise you this is nothing like it. If you haven’t heard it though look it up on YouTube. It was on the Underground Monsters mixtape which FaygoLuvers actually nominated for mixtape of the year.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
I’ve taken the entire year of 2017 off so far as far as doing shows or events or concerts. Unless an opportunity presents itself that is too big to turn down than my goal is to continue to take a hiatus from performances for the rest of the year. My solo album is 80% done and I really want to make sure it gets the spot light it deserves when it we finally release it. 80 percent might sound like it’s still got a long ways to go but most of that is getting things ready for pre sale packages, taking photos, etcetera. Very little of what needs to actually be completed is the music itself. That’s why I can say there are songs on here that whether you like them or not, they will make and change history. I feel just as confident with every collaboration I do right now too, but I’m promoting the solo album so heavy because I want it to set up all of the future projects. So if you remember one thing from this interview as a reader remember KillJoy Confidential.
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
The biggest highlight honestly is one of the collaborations on my album Confidential that I can’t speak about yet. It’s such an important song we really need to put our heads together and make sure it’s promoted in the right way. Big moments along the way I love to tell people about though were doing a track with Skatterman & Snugbrim with Hyper Sniper. That was back at like their pinnacle too. Cuzzalo Ink and Dome Splitter brought me out to California from Colorado to rock a show with Kurupt before, and respect to all them for that. And on that note we got masks made as collectible merch we sell at shows and on the website that are custom designed hockey masks. And those masks were designed and manufactured by Cuzzalo Ink. For those who aren’t familiar, that’s who made the mask for that Eminem album with the hockey mask and chainsaws. I’ve just been blessed with a lot of talent and wisdom, and now at Fattys House I finally have a strong team. I have a partner who has talent and wisdom in the same areas as me, but a completely different perspective. So really just the day me and Fat D became a business partnership that was a bigger highlight to my entire career than most people know. Because that changed everything for me, and it opened a lot of doors that were always shut before. Shout out to my brother for introducing us, and shout out to Fat D for becoming a brother.
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s)
My ideal collaboration is honestly complete and it’s the one I keep refusing to tell people about even though I want to so bad. Understand, I’m just the type of person that even if all the paperwork is done, and money is paid, I don’t like to announce a thing until the baby is born into the world. It saves me the hurt feelings of announcing a musical miscarriage. That being said I guess a future ideal collaboration would be working with an insanely popular pop artist and having them pay me to produce and write the entire song for them.
Name something random that people do not know about you.
Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have been rapping as KillJoy since 1999. I moved a lot, had a drug and alcohol problem, and had a hard time letting go of the criminal mindset. So I wasn’t on the internet a whole lot. Since the invention of this one off type of group The Killjoy Club I get accused a lot of trying to jock or bite various artists from Psychopathic or Magic Ninja. I want to state for the record I have an incredible amount of respect to all of the artists involved at all of the labels I mentioned, as well as The KillJoy Club. I grew up bumping a little of all of that shit. And I don’t mean to use the word shit as like a bad thing, literally I bumped all that. I was influenced by that. But I have KillJoy tattooed on my neck. I don’t decide when to be KillJoy. I just am. I am aware of parrelels. There is a Full Moon horror series with the name too. I dig that shit so much actually cause I’ve been a Charles Band fan since forever. All that being said my name is one word, but the K and J are both capitals. I’m not trying to live off of anyone else, and my music is influenced by everything, but it clearly sounds like nothing else on the market. Love it or hate it Fattys House has developed it’s own distinct new sound. It’s like G Funk evolved.
What ís one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
One thing I learned a long time ago is that people care when you bring value to them. I continually find myself re learning this though. Don’t sell people your music. Sell them the escape. When your music is on, their life will be different. Can you define how it will be different? That’s when your art can add value to someones over all life experience. The beats I compose are all about re introducing a bit of complexity. I take the same approach with lyricism. It’s important to not turn things into a lesson, but still give the people something to walk away with.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Look for KillJoy Confidential. Look for The Forever Green Hustlers, Forever Green Family. Watch for Linked Up. But we also have so many non music related things going on. We have our Casanova Sparkling Wine brand. I’m making a cameo in a few upcoming issues of a comic book called The Sav. It’s about a native american who’s tribe was slaughtered and he rose from the grave to avenge them. I will be a bad guy in the story arc and my character will have my name and likeness. Our group Forever Green Hustlers are also going to be appearing in a new art and puzzle book about serial killers by Pyscho Arts. We are working with a lot of talented people in a lot of different fields.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
You can follow me on Instagram @killjoyfhr and on Twitter @officialkilljoy . I’m on facebook at and make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube at . Our official website will be back up online within 2 months. It’s getting a redesign to incorporate a fully functional online webstore. So finally people will be able to buy all of our products in one place. We’ve had people begging us forever and I feel like this is really going to make people happy that want to get ahold of a little Fattys House gear. Once it’s back online of course as always it’s at
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