@ReachingNova and His Upcoming EP "It Was What It Was"

ReachingNova is a hip-hop artist from The Bronx, NYC. His songs echo the lush melodies of contemporary rap, with the punch and lyrical honesty of the “golden age”. With a focus on great lyrics and banging instrumentals, ReachingNova makes songs with a smooth and personal lyrical flow, following in the footsteps of some of the greatest rap storytellers of all generations – from Biggie Smalls to Kanye West or Drake, but he’s also really inspired by people such as LeBron James or Anthony Robbins.
He has an EP coming up called “It Was What It Was” or “IWWIW” for short. He gave me the opportunity to listen to 8 tracks from his EP so let’s get into it!

  1. 71813 (ft. Richie Wess) 

On a beat that’s almost reminiscent to the beat used in Wait a Minute by fellow Bronx rapper, Phresher, ReachingNova raps a summary about himself. He raps about himself, his lifestyle, and his hoods. It’s a good opening to the EP with nice analogies a flow.
2.   Don’t Matter (ft. K.D)
In this track, ReachingNova is using his storytelling skills to tell us about how he’s addicted to doing better in life and of course women as well. The beat is easy flow but still a goodie. A real BX sound.
3.  Once Again (ft. Teemonee)
This song here is a song you blast out some speakers driving through the . ReachingNova is boasting his skills and spitting about how no one can reach his level anymore. He can steal anyone’s girl because he’s just that dope. Don’t step to him if you don’t have yourself together.
4.  World So Empty (ft. Dave East)
This song here is my favorite one on the EP. The spoken part in the beginning really makes you think. It also features another favorite artist of mine, Dave East. The track speaks on how the world is and basically how you have to grab life and make it yours. Everything is God given.
 5.  UNI
UNI, pronounced “you and  I” is an explanation letter to an ex girl he had. He speaks about how much love he had for her but things got difficult. It’s a song relatable to a lot of young people trying to find their way through life and relationships.
6.  You Got This
This track is more of a song to himself. He raps about how he has to keep on going to achieve what he wants. He’s out here making moves and striving. Everyone needs some self reassurance once in awhile.
7.  OK (ft. MusicOfACelebrity, Teemonee)
This is my second favorite track. The features add a nice flow and sound to this track. Definitely another banger I would blast. This is a dope party track. I can only imagine how dope the music video for this would be.
8.  Know It’s Family First (feat Ray Fino, Moovz, Pusha Preme)
The final track is pretty self explanatory from the title. Family comes first. Always.
The EP debuts September 18th and that’s when it will be available to download and stream so sit tight! I personally am excited for the release. We’re all anticipating it.
He’s having a release party for it in Queens, NY. Check out the details and tickets in the link below:
Also, be sure to keep up with him through his website and social media:
Twitter: @ReachingNova
Ig: @ReachingNova
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reachingnova
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/reachingnova

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