*Music Video* RED HONCHO- "FUEGO"

Raised in a tough upbringing in Mount Druitt, Australia, RED HONCHO was the second eldest of 7 children in a family struggling to make ends meet. A troubled youth who dropped out of high school in year 7, running away from home multiple times. While causing trouble in the streets he joined a gang, to only get locked up at the age of 14. As a way to challenge his anger and frustration, he began his journey as a songwriter, “I started writing songs to put my anger and frustration into words instead of my fists.” His life took a major turn for the better when he fathered a baby girl, and vowed to change his lifestyle to become a better role model for his daughter.
His single “Fuego” is definitely a banger. Signed to Anothar Label Group, this video is of topnotch quality. RED HONCHO released a video to this track as well which you can view below:

I didn’t know what to expect with this track but it is fire! The song has a dope beat with a catchy hook. It’s all about getting that bag in this song.  I can definitely hear this song on the radio. The video is filled with beautiful women and people he keeps close. The quality of the videos is amazing. Better than some mainstream artists videos but that’s another topic. The video was simple but it didn’t need to be more because the song itself packs so much. If I had to compare his sound, I think I would compare it to a more calmer sounding Meek Mill or Rick Ross. He also sounds a little like Dave East.  He has a dope sound which makes him stand out. The most interesting thing about it is that he’s from Australia so him having this sound is so wild but dope to me. He also says that some of his influences are Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Method Man, Red Man, Bonethugs, Ice Cube, Hopsin, KRS ONE, and RAKIM.
Check out the video for Problems:

I hope to see and hear more him in the future! It looks bright from here!
Follow his sites:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/IssDBOSS4Real/
Website: www.redhoncho.com

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