@KhaiGenius' Tells Cautionary Tale in "Pride"

New kid on the block, Khai Genius has a lot to say. Picking the topic of one of the deadly sins, Khai just dives right into the track with: “Listen…but this is the life that you made/ This is the path that you’ve paved/Everyone gets everything that they’ve earned/…then I suggest that you repent of your sins/He can pull you up out of the grave.” His new single, “Pride” is an insightful song and Khai definitely doesn’t hold back with his storytelling.
Khai perfects his story in “Pride,” where he raps about ways pride can hinder you and how living the wrong lifestyle can soon catch up to you. As a Christian–Khai reveals in the track– his approach is not a strict one. He’s stating the facts and leaving it up to his listeners to choice to do right. “Pride” is welcoming, but definitely not sugarcoated in its content.
As his delivery streams so effortless and his lyrics are so forthright, “Pride” can put new listeners in the mind of a young Kanye, back in his “Jesus Walks” and “All Falls Down” era. Adding to that list of cautionary hip hop tracks, “Pride” warns with love and leaves an impact on those who are carefully and closely listening.
You can preview “Pride” below. “Pride” officially drops on Oct. 23 on various streaming outlets.
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