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Shiest City is the newest artist signed to Boyz Record. Hailing from Brookyln, New York, Shiest City represents the city well and is on his way to building his own empire. Fresh off the release of Kobe Brady: Volume 1 Shiest City is making major moves one song at a time. We got a chance to interview the young hip hop artist about his Kobe Brady series, growing up in Brookyln, and some lessons he has learned along the way. Peep the interview below.

Introduce yourself. What can we learn about Shiest City, the artist?
Shiest City: I try not to put any negative energy out there. I like to focus on getting money. In my music, I give a little bit of substance, of things happening in everyday life in Brooklyn.
Why did you want to become a hip hop artist?
Shiest City: I was always a fan of hip hop music. It came naturally to me. Everyone around me was doing music. I’m from East Flatbush, you know and where there’s a lot of Reggae artists and hip hop artists. I was in the right [space]. I had a knack for it. I started out writing poetry, did a little battle rapping and freestyling, so rapping was natural.
You are in the process of finishing up your Kobe Brady project. Talk a little about that.
Shiest City: Kobe Brady was like an introduction. It was a [project] of some throw aways that I did. It’s a mix of freestyles here and there and some new music. Just before I dropped my original tape around Thanksgiving. This project is just greatness, you feel me. I feel like the name Kobe Brady just fit me, so I ran with it.

So since it sounds like Kobe Brady is a more unstructured project. How did you choose which songs would go on this mixtape.
Shiest City: It was all how I feel. Like right now, I’m in LA, recording some songs for Kobe Brady. Whatever is going on in hip hop or trending, I would record something. If I like the beat, I hopped on it and did a freestyle to it.
Are you doing any shows or have any performances lined up?
Shiest City: [ I just did a show last week]. At this party I was hosting at in Brooklyn. But around Thanksgiving time when I push the tape, I’ll have more performances. Since the Kobe Brady isn’t my original body of work, I am not doing too many shows. I want to promote my original body of work instead. So when people get attached to my brand, they will hear my new tape and not the Kobe Brady.
Name one of your biggest highlight so far.
Shiest City: I don’t have one. I don’t think I made my biggest highlight yet. I am a perfectionist. (Laughs). I am looking to go to that next level. It’s always supposed to be bigger and better.
My follow up question to that is what are some lessons you’ve learned while working in the hip hop industry?
Shiest City: Nowadays it’s less hip hop and more business. It’s a lot of politics in hip hop. But I don’t let that get in my way. I do my thing regardless. I am going to do things my way. I’m in my own lane. I have my own style. I try not to let it affect me. But at times you do have to be business savvy. But even still, I don’t let that effect my music. I do what I want to do and push what I want to push. I’m not one for trends. I make the music I want to make.
Lastly, I have a fun question. Name three random things about you.
Shiest City: I am a Scorpio (laughs). I’m into clothing. I have my fashion line, Darksid3 coming out next year. It’s for women, men and children. I’m really a simple guy. I drink my Henny and make music. I support the women in their natural movement. I like afros, and natural ass and lips.

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