@QuadroonMusic shows the quiet effect in new single, "Human"

“Human” is a quiet track with a powerful impact. Quadroon is always a lyricist assassin on his tracks. However, even though the bars are there, Quadroon is more laid-back on this particular track. We wonder why?
As silence is golden, and Quadroon quiet tenderness speaks volumes, there has to be a reason for this. Is this newer artist practicing a more subtle approach in his rhymes? Or he is just in this certain mood and wants us as listeners to join in on the vibe? Either way, we like it. With a more mellow beat, listeners can really focus on Quadroon’s words.
He starts off in “Human” with analogies such as, “I don’t chase dimes, dimes chase me/ I don’t say rhymes, rhymes say me/I don’t waste time, time means green/they say don’t play nice cuz nice plays me.” With a slow cadence with an impact on the latter bars, Quadroon is skillful in his wordplay.
It’s been three month since the release of Quadroon’s EP, ONLY. and we were wondering what the artist had coming up next. Then surprisingly his drops “Human” on Soundcloud just two weeks ago and it has already garnered over 10,000 plays. When the content is good, people will listen.
Despite the fact that Quadroon is a young artist, his music packs a lot of soul and old school hip hop. It is definitely a breath of fresh air to hear a young artist be so vulnerable, raw, and honest in their music, making it relatable to just about every listeners. That takes true talent to accomplish and of course, Quadroon is tackling this skill with each and every track he puts out.

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