@MeanRMynR 's New Album "The Sacrifice"

Meanr Mynr became official circa 2016 but Reggie Sudduth II has had that name almost as long as he’s been alive. Meanr Mynr wasn’t musical until one fateful day he sat in on a jam session. Amazed as a friend worked a loop pedal and every instrument in the room and had. From that point on Reggie would push to become the best guitarist and bass player that he could.
After playing in bands throughout Denver, where he’s from, he decided to start his own musical project, something that combined all the music we love from the past but still gave the listener a new experience.
Mulling over ideas, Tkettle told him to play some old beats. Reggie pulled up an old Soundcloud account and played “Meaner Minor.”
TKettle asked how he came up with such an interesting name. Reggie explained that these were not only his first words and nickname but it also explained his music to a “T.”
The stage was set.
Reggie knew since he was a kid that he had a greater purpose in this world. He just had to wait to discover it. Who would have thought his purpose would have come back to his first words…Taking cues from artists like Kendrick Lamar and No Malice, Meanr Mynr focuses on giving you amazing music with stories that guide listeners toward the truth of God’s love for then. Meanr Mynr’s sound is most readily described as a soundtrack of the human experience. Write your story to it.
Over the past year, Meanr Mynr has come to realize that sacrifice is not only a necessary part of his goal as an artist but an essential part of life for all of us. We all make sacrifices daily. You sacrifice sleep to wake up on time for school or work. You give up your precious time in return for a paycheck or an education. “The Sacrifice” EP is an electronica soundtrack that allows the listener to form their own story about the sacrifices we make in our human experience.
Stream the EP below:

The EP is a dope instrumental tape with dope melodies. EAch track puts you in a new zone.His mix of Electronica and Hip Hop is amazing. Not just anyone can rap or sing over these. Actually I think I prefer them not even being tampered with. They’re just that dope. MeanR MynR is named number 5 out of many great artists for The Best Livetronica Bands/Artists by Ranker.com. This man is official! Many compare his sound to The Glitch Mob, Led Zeppelin, Dr. Dre, & Daft Punk but I honestly think this guy is in a league of his own. Make sure to also check out the EP on Spotify:

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