Mixtape: @MaxxdaMuffinMan – Every Summer Since

“I almost gave up on life, and music is what allowed me to survive. I hope this mixtape can touch you in a way that music did for me.”
Maxx the Muffin Man is an 18 year old rapper and song writer working out of his college dorm room in Portland, Oregon. Along with a collective of a few close friends and musicians, Maxx the Muffin Man creates create, lyrically inspired songs with a variety of boom-bap type beats. Maxx the Muffin Man uses his music to reflect on his past struggles and experiences in life and puts them to work in a way that allows for positive change within the listener, or at least this is his intention. Maxx the Muffin Man has recently posted his first two singles on spotify and apple music, and this is his second Sound Cloud project.
“Every Summer Since was release December 23, 2017. It is a ten track mixtape. Maxx the Muffin Man is said to sound most like Lil B the Based God. I personally think he also has an Asher Roth flow, especially in the track “Wavy Gravy”. The album is sexually charged and speaks heavily of drugs. There are a lot of traditional old school sounding beats which is a nice touch. His flow is also a little old school, nothing like what’s mainstream now. The only critique I would have on this album is the recording quality. If the recording quality was higher, it would definitely make this better. His verses are dope. I hope for the next project the audio mixing and mastering is higher because his flow is nice. Worth a listen. Check it out below:

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