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Meet J Nyce, a buzzing artist with a plan to be the next big artist on the scene. With his unique sound and style, his music is already in its own lane. J Nyce is more than a rapper or singer, he is an artist, perfecting his artistry one song at a time. We caught up with J Nyce to discuss his new release, music, sound, lessons and more. Check out the interview below.
Tell us about yourself and your music
So everyone calls me J Nyce, but the Fam calls me Jake. Am I a rapper? I swear that this is one of the most common questions I hear in reference to me. No I’m not. I’m… anything my artistic ability allows for me to be. I do love to sing more than rap I think. Carolina born and raised, Alanta finnesed. I learnd how to be a man in Georgia. I came hear for a reason. I’ve always had dreams of being an awesome entertainer. So here I am.
My music comes from my Life experiences. Pain, happiness, anger, shame, love, and hate are all emotions that I harness and let flow thru my pen. I write my music for a reason, with a direction in mind. I want you to feel something. I know that if I shed tears writing my New Single “CICI” others would feel that same love. So I’m a true artist. I’m a real artist. And I’m going to changing the world.
I started rapping when Naz came out with “Ether”. I started rapping in freestyle battles in Highschool, back when you had to have dope rymes or get out of circle. I grew up listening to alot of 2Pac, Dipset, Lox, Pastor Troy, Lil Jon , and all of the old school jams my parents used to listen to. Classics like the Jackson 5, New Edition, Temptations, Luther, Mariah,
Whitney. Hit Makers! I guess thats why I’m so big on lyrical content and being able to perform awesomely.
My Mom and Dad used to always sing. I remember times of seeing my Mom sing at wedding receptions and different gatherings, not knowing that those were occations that subconsciously effected my drive to want to be on the mic and in front of a crowd till now. The Old Soul Train shows were pretty influential as well. Seeing how singers could make everyone dance and not just bob their heads. I used to sing NSync songs (laughs).
How would you describe your sound?
My sound is unique, original, and memorable. My sound can’t be put into a specific genre. I may do a country song next week, and a blues song tomorrow if I feel like it and you will love it. I’m an artist and nothing less.
Talk about the experience making your song/mixtape.
My eyes poured with tears the instant I caught the inspiration for this song. I was suddenly overwhelmed with strong emotions of love.
What are you currently working on? Any new projects? Shows?
February 9th 2018 was my official release of any of my music to the world. “CICI” is my first studio single. It’s Available for download or stream on all major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, DEEZER, Pandora, Tidal, and etc.
I’m currently working on my Debut EP. This EP is projected to be released the Winter of 2018. Coming up in March I have a show going on in Miami that’s going to be really fun. I’m working on becoming a household name like all of the greats. And I’m well on my way!
What has been your biggest highlight in your music career this far?
Well I’ve rocked the same crowds with the likes of Project Pat, and “shut it down”. I’ve been all over the country touring, destroying mics, and making life long friends and fans. Recently partnering up with one of the greatest engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Andre Moss(Up Some More Studios), I was able to produce one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. CICI
Name your ideal collaboration: mainstream or independent artist(s)
I’m looking forward to rocking the mic with Lil Wayne really soon. I would also totally love to work on a project with Childish Gambino. While i’m thinking about it, I would love to do a Michael Jackson style song with the artist Lloyd or Neo. I would love to do a collaboration with one of the greatest rock bands of all times Incubus. I grew up Listening to these guys.
Name something random that people do not know about you.
I’ve always had a love for Space Exploration. The thought of getting into a spaceship and blasting off into the Great Unknown has always sent my mind on a journey.
What ís one thing you have learned or discovered while being in the indie music scene/industry?
That I’m better than the majority of these guys.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Mainstream. Mainstream. Mainstream.
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Go download or steam my single “CICI” and go Download my two new tracks “What About Love” and “YOU” on before anywhere else.

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