King Gheno Releases "Plan In Motion"

King Gheno here with his song “Plan In Motion”!
King Gheno hails from Washington, DC.
He told us about himself. Check it out below:
“I have over 10 years of experience within the music field. I started my musical career in the 4th grade playing the upright bass in the Orchestra. After graduating from Thomas G Pullen Performing Arts School in the 8th grade I auditioned for Baltimore School for the Arts and I was accepted. Thousands of people audition each year and I was blessed to have an opportunity to work on perfecting my music skills and taking my abilities to the next level. I have decided to take all of my musical abilities and skills and focus on building the Tommy Gino brand. Tommy Gino is a classically trained musician turned rap artist who produces, writes, and records all his own material. I have realized the need for a change in our world today. I have noticed that the only style of rap music offered within the Hip Hop community that is popular is music that is degrading and is essentially killing our culture one song at a time. The goal of King Gheno as an artist is to create a new style of music that is creative, innovating, and captures the hearts, minds, and souls of the listeners. Once we have the attention of the listener’s hearts, minds and souls we will then begin to speak words of wisdom, words of love, words of affirmation within our community. We will uplift the spirits of the listeners and help them to find the source of direction and peace within their lives. With this plan we will be able to change lives in this current generation and in generations to come.”
He describes his music as “meditation tracks that are strategically crafted with affirmation to retrain the subconscious mind. The hypnotic hip-hop beats will help to put the listener in a receptive state that will then allow the listeners subconscious to receive the affirmation that are in the song.” Now let’s get to the single. “Plan In Motion”.  This song has a crazy fire beat. When the beat drops, it’s really isn’t something you expect. It starts off with King Gheno singing “know I got a plan” over and over again with piano keys playing in the background. He repeats “put that plan in motion” over and over again once the beat drops. This man is very serious about his plan. He combines singing and rapping in this chaotic song that seems to work well. Take a listen below:
I would definitely give this song a listen. The song and instrumental switch up at the end as well which is dope! He definitely has his own sound. His other songs are dope as well. Put that plan in motion!
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