@Official_Raheem drops his new single "New Thing"

Raised in the north side of El Paso, Tx, only minutes away from the drug wars of Juarez, Mexico, Raphael Leraux used music as his escape from his gritty reality. A portal into another world where he could explore his deepest fears and regrets, while somehow managing to maintain the carefree essence of his childhood in the 90’s… Through his unique, introspective approach, his goal is to find the answer to one burning question… Who Is Raphael Leraux? Check out his music video for “What’s The Deal” from three years ago:

Raphael recently dropped his new single “New Thing”. The song has a classic sounding beat. The kind of beat you would hear in a late 90’s or early 00’s song. When he sings, the flow kind of reminds me of Snoop Dogg. When he raps he will remind you of any of your favorite southern rappers from that era of hip hop also. The song is very catchy. Take a listen to it below:

The song is about a woman who is different from the rest. She has an old-school vibe but at the same time it’s “new” considering how some woman are all about the same thing these days. At the same time, he’s also trying to court the woman telling her to go with the flow and vibe with him. He also makes references to some throwback songs and artists, giving ode to some hits from when he was younger.  It’s a nice play on words because the song is “New Thing” but he’s feeling her because she has old-school ways about her. Everyone loves that old-school R&B type of love.
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