Review: BroLife- "LFRSZN 2"

“It’s rare to see a set of talented individuals join forces for something bigger than themselves.” This statement is the first sentence in the “About Us” section on BroLife’s website. It’s a fact and something that needs to happen more in the music industry. BroLife consist of 8 young artists, who have checked their egos at the door, unified, and focused on what’s important: the music. All different in style and sound is what makes BroLife stand out from the pack.
With the new release of their EP,LFRSZN 2 , hip hop fans can hear each artist’s uniqueness in delivery and how well collectively BroLife sounds. The 7-track EP is what I consider a teaser and a introduction for listeners who might not know them. We are familiar with Beretta Biz and Ivan L, but not we get to know the other members on the roster such as Jansport Jack, Brizzle Worrell, Winnie Win, MyNZA, J. Serve, and Don B.
The opening track sets the mood for what the EP will sound like. It’s wavy mixed with good production, nice deliveries, and wordplay. “Swear To God” is catchy in its own right. The hook boasts “bow your head and show respect/ we the only kinds that’s left”, which instantly grabs your attention. It’s seems like The BroLife crew has found its niche and we like it.
Honorable Mentions: “Helicopter” and “Smoke Like Me”
Listen to LFRSZN 2 and judge for yourself:

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