SOMU's artist A-List's new single "Win Sh*t"

“Born and raised in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, A-List is a hip hop artist and songwriter under the indie label Sounds of Music Univerxity. He has a very developed and unique sound that he brings to every track that he writes and records. As a student of the culture he’s influenced by the likes of The Lox, Fabolous, Jay-Z and Joe Budden. With talent, passion, and a relentless work ethic he plans on taking his musical talents to a mainstream platform. His style will surely fill a void of originality, rawness and heart filled emotions. He brings flavor and remarkable lyricism to the forefront when he displays his music.
His tag “What They Strive For” is a cornerstone and key principle in the life of A-List. The tag has become a mantra. Your grind determines the outcome of all situations and A-List strives for greatness throughout all his musical endeavors.
His debut solo project “Exalted” was released in March 2017. It embodies 8 songs that showcase a wide range of emotions, experiences and creativity. With Catchy hooks, witty lyricism and hard-hitting punchlines, the hallmarks of this project shows the foundation of A-List’s style. Be on the lookout for more projects from A-List as he plans to make some serious noise in the Hip Hop community.”
View a live performance of his below:

His new single, “Win Shit” features fellow SOMU artists  Verse the Gemini and D-Soundz. The song pumps bravado on a catchy beat. The verses alternate between each artist which also give it a dope sound. It is almost like they are finishing each other’s sentences. They rap about things like how they excel in everything whether it’s bars, women, money, etc. The flow is so fluid between these 3 it sounds so natural. This song is definitely a boost to listen to in the car with the windows down or as a pre-turn up track. The bass hits super hard on this so I can only imagine how great it will sound on stereo speakers. The chorus is something you can definitely chant over and over again. Part of it goes “Every time I face off, I just go harder when they take the day off”. No days off is the mood for this single here with that NY vibe to it. Take a listen to it below:

This song is definitely a vibe and worth a listen. These three artists come from a hard-working indie label located in the Bronx, NYC. They have so much more in store so make sure to keep up with the label on their site  and keep up with A-list through his social media and music links:

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