Jazz (@jazzstewart_ ) New Album "Negus"

Jazz is a  rapper from Indianapolis, Indiana.He is 21 and has a style that is a fusion of Soul, R&B, Jazz , and Trap music. He has been rapping for about 5 years now but this is his  first serious attempt at releasing an album. He is inspired by rappers Will Smith, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and his peers. He hopes that one day he can inspire other young artists to chase their dreams.
You can definitely tell his influence are Conscious rappers based on the topics discussed in the album. It gives off a strong J.Cole and Kendrick vibe, a Junior version if you will.  The first track which is a dialogue is called Amerikkka. It’s laid over a smooth J.Cole-esqe beat but speaks about how the black community must do self affecting things in order to profit. His flow on Lyrical License (Black Owned Everything) was him pretty much going off the top of his head it feels like. Every though he was thinking whether it came to women or even Kanye, it was said on this track. Definitely a good one to listen to. Lucas is a song that shows his versatility and also how his peers influence him. This is more of a trap sounding track. Trust III has a trap feel to it but also sounds very Kendrick influenced. There’s a lot of confidence being laid out on this track and I’m really feeling it. This is a song that I can see people starting a mosh pit to at a concert. The Pretender features Kay Ari and her voice goes so well with this track. I love hoe the beat also sounds a little out of place at certain points. Another goodie. I Was Young Interlude (We Used to) is also a slow smooth segway into the 2nd half of the album. It let’s you know that the feels are coming up next. College is a track I think most people can relate to.  Love is tough sometimes. It really shows his versatility again because he’s singing on this track. He’s flowing over an alternative R&B beat that’s so smooth. Letter’s Home is a track about his upbringing and things he’s experienced growing up. It’s a mix of him singing and rapping which is dope. It’s a deep track. Melanin is an empowering song about feeling beautiful in your skin. It’s definitely something that needs to be listened to over and over again because black is beautiful, always. It’s also a song that talks about how people of color are now being the “in”thing while also still facing injustice and crimes. The final track, Negus, starts out with him apologizing to numerous people which almost sounds like a recorded suicide note. At the end it’s a voicemail by someone expressing their concern. He makes valid points on this track. The stress is very overwhelming sometimes and can take a huge toll. If you or anyone are feeling like you need someone to talk to, please seek help.Call 1-800-273-8255. They are available 24/7.
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This is a dope first album to have and I will definitely be adding some songs to my playlists. Jazz is someone to watch for in the future for his future works.
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