Fabpz The Freelancer ( @TheRealFabp ) New Single " I'm Loco I'm Crazy"

Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer is at it again with this joint that was produced a new way.
He says it’s a “raw undiluted Flippin’ Gothic style that y’all come to know and love”. I personally am not a fan of it but there might be some who can enjoy it. To me, I feel as though it can be mix and mastered better. There is a lot of static and background noise that interferes with the sound a bit. It almost sounds like he’s speaking in a low tone as well. I wasn’t expecting this to be a reggae type track given the beat. I don’t hate the lyrics. I think if it were on a different beat with great mixing and mastering, he might be on to something. But once again, take a listen for yourself. He dropped a video with it as well. There might be an official video coming soon. Take a look:

It’s an interesting sound. Definitely something I’ve never heard before. He has tracks made before that as well. Check out this one down below:
The production on this is way better. It’s like an alternative type of reggae or dancehall sound. Fabp is definitely an unique artist. He doesn’t use traditional riddims or beats which is daring. I can give him kudos for that. It may not be my cup of tea but it might be yours. He works hard with his promotions and he gets his props.
Keep up with Fabpz the Freelancer:

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