15 Year Old German Rapper PaRan's ( @PaRan_Musicc ) New Single "Therapy"

PaRan is a 15 year old rapper from Germany and has been making music for close to 7 years now. She mostly makes emotional songs.
She sends over her new single “Therapy” for us to listen to. The song is very deep. It speaks about how she’s been having suicidal thoughts and bouts with depression. She doesn’t feel like anyone wants to help or can help her. She raps about how therapy just asks what’s wrong but doesn’t really care about what’s wrong, just the payment. It’s a very dark song. You can tell that PaRan uses this as an outlet to let her feelings out. I am a little concerned about someone so young feeling this way. (Once again is anyone is having suicidal thoughts or needs to just talk, the number is 1-800-273-8255 ). Take a listen below:
PaRan definitely has a flow on her and she definitely has more room to improve since she is just 15. This is a great start. I would have went with a more hard hitting beat but this one is cool too. The words are the main thing that grab you. She holds nothing back about what she’s feeling which makes it extra raw.
Stream and purchase this song here:

According to her instagram, the video will be out soon!
Check out this song by PaRan also. I liked this track:
Keep up with PaRan with her social media:

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