N.ave's (@saynave) New EP "Black Magic"

“N.ave is a Philadelphia based Hip-Hop artist & producer who defies all notions of the typical Hip-hop archetypes. Stylish, charismatic & forward thinking, N.ave (pronounced Nave) has entered the game and is here to stay. His new EP ‘Black Magic’ has recently dropped and it is a must-have for any music enthusiast.
Originally from New Brunswick, New Jersey, N.ave now resides in the vibrant suburbs of Philly and has been working on music for over a decade. N.ave is a business professional by day, and pursues politics, language, and Swahili in his free time. ”
His sound is most similar to Kanye, Jay-Z, and J.Cole. He actually actually sounds like a mix of Jay-Z and Kanye vocally. “Black Magic” is a 4 track EP. The tracks are Dead Roses (ft. T. Nayah), Gravity (ft IDK), Dosumdiffrint, and Black Magic (City of Dreams). I get a lot of Jay-Z in Dead Roses. His lyrical wordplay is very very impressive. This track is my favorite out of the EP. T. Nayah adds a nice harmony in the chorus with her soft voice. Gravity is a dope track that I also like. They rap about real things they go through. I knew I would like it because I’m also a fan of IDK. The chorus for this is catchy as well. Doumdiffrint is definitely different, I like how the instrumental has a unique sound. He makes catchy choruses. He raps about how he wants do something different and make things right. Black Magic (City Of Dreams) is about the city of dreams. It involves a lot of drug use and money making. His wordplay again in this track is dope. He ties in political talk into his rhymes as well which was also dope to here. This track was real and  I get it. Take a listen to the EP yourself:

He also has a visual for Gravity ft. IDK. It’s pretty dope. Check it out here:

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Artist Contact: saynave@gmail.com
Press Contact: james@independentmusicpromotions.com

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