Eugene Nova's Album "Trained to Explode"

With a Motor City upbringing, Los Angeles has given Eugene the perfect balance between an industrial like structure and an ability to just free up and allow the creativity take over. Music and the stories it tells is Eugene’s first love but when he realized that film offers so many other ways that are just as passionate to tell a story, he did a stage dive into a sea of unknown territory and has been riding that wave ever since. But even with all of that said you never abandon your first love and Eugene is back to give us all a glimpse into what that love looks like with a new album.
Check out his music video for Amy Knight ft. Shaka Folger-Basso below:

Trained to Explode is a 13 track album. “Greatness” is the first track. It starts off with the audio of a woman giving birth. He has great lyricism right off the bat. He raps on this track about how he’s going to be great. It includes audio from different stages of life and how he’s progressing. The come-up. This is a great opening track. “The Name is Nov” is a real hip hop track. This track is about him as an artist. Definitely a dope one to listen to. The beat goes hard. “Cutville” has an intro that comes before it which is dope. It’s more of an interlude for the rest of the album too. There’s singing on this track that goes well with the beat. It’s about him and women (to keep it PG). Definitely a sexy song to listen to. Welcome to Cutville. “Star” is about how he will make it and become big. No worries. I believe it. His flow is amazing. “Natural” is about natural women and how they have a power over him pretty much. It has a big band sound to it which is very unique. I like it. I was tapping my foot the whole time listening to it. “Vegas Lights” is a smooth track with a nice female vocal in the chorus. “Know You Better” is about him getting to know a young lady a little better. Wining and dining all those good things. “The Village” also has an intro that sounds like something I’d see in a Friday movie. It set up a good visual for the actual track. It’s about a girl who was going through hard times. She developed early and was harassed in school. She just wanted to fit in. “Fresh Off the Boat” is about slavery and how much African Americans have survived this far in life. “Stand Up” is about him questioning things in life but all he really has to do is believe. This is an empowering track. The final track is “Rare Breed” which he raps about how is indeed a rare breed. He isn’t like these other rappers. Check out the album below:
Eugene Nova is a really dope lyricist. He’s probably one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. A track with him and J.Cole would be extremely dope. His flow and bars just come out so naturally and fluid. Clickstar Ent. is the label he represents. He raps from experience and from the heart. They have a good artist on their hands with him. I liked how there were audio excerpts on almost every track. Everything just related perfectly. I would recommend everyone to give this album a listen.
He’s also an actor so be on the watch for him! Keep up with Eugene Nova on his social media:

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