Mike Day's ( @michaelwjday ) Album "Buy Back the Block"

Mike Day is a hip hop artist, from Little Rock, AR. Despite growing up with dual parent household, Day still struggled with financial gain, just as any other African American family. Day started rapping at the age of 15 after being cut from the basketball team and dropped his first project three years later to lukewarm reviews. During this time, he found a new love for film making and decided to start making music and videos addressing social issues. In 2016, he released MIKE: The 8th Day, to positive reviews and later that year, he dropped his debut album, The 8th Day.
In early March 2018, he released his first documentary, Buy Back the Block, addressing modern day segregation in Little Rock. Later that month, he released his second album, Buy Back the Block, the official soundtrack to the documentary.
The 8th Day and Buy Back the Block are both available on all streaming platforms.
Buy Back the Block is a 10 track album. The first track “Diamond in the Rough” has a real slow building beginning that starts out a lil eerily then goes into chants from a woman and children. It then increases and starts to include guitars until the beat drops. Mike Day raps about how he was raised in the Diamond city. He raps about his struggles. “Ride Thru the City” is about how he’s riding with his bros through the city. They’ve done a lot for each other. Ride or dies for real. The chorus has a female vocalist that adds a nice melody to the beat. “Day Dreams” had a dope party vibe sound to it. It’s a rap about how he started rapping and future dreams he has for himself still. “Land Ain’t Free” starts off with the Star Spangled Banner but gets cut off. It’s a political song that makes sense especially during these times. There is too much injustice going on in our country today. He says “this isn’t land of the free, this is home of the scared”. He makes very valid points in this one. “III” starts off with nice piano chords being played then he drops in with a mix of him singing and rapping over each other. He reveals some secrets in this track. It’s issues that some family members tell you to hush on it and pray about it. It happens a lot in the African American community and it is really damaging some families. This song can testify to that. Mike Day made a track on this. Check it out below:
Track 6 is “Way More Than This”. It starts off with a woman singing acapella singing “there’s got to be more, way more than this” over and over again. Then piano chimes in along with chains and men singing the same words. This is a powerful song to listen to. “Oscars” includes advice from his father and how as a black person you must go through life being black. It’s not the same as other races. It’s more difficult. There’s certain things you can and can’t do freely or you will be judged and it’s not fair. “The Servant” is a smooth song for women. This is definitely a song for the ladies. it has smooth vocals too. He’s totally being putting women on a pedestal in this track and I’m 100% here for it. This is my favorite track on here. “Safe Haven” has a dope beat and talks about how he only felt safe in the hood but he has to leave his comfort zone and venture out. Now he feels safe doing great productive things. The last track, “Buy Back the Block”, is the title of the album.  He raps about how we should do better and leave the hood things alone. go out and do better. Buy your own block back. Help the neighborhood, don’t just help continue destroy it because the government isn’t really trying to help the hood at all. We should help raise each other up. Not tear each other down.
This was a dope album to listen to. Definitely not a light album to just throw on to turn up. This is deeper than that. Give it a listen for sure.
Keep up with Mike Day through his social media:
Facebook: Michael Day
Twitter: @michaelwjday
Instagram: @michaelwjday

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