Spotlight Interview: JCraig

A Multi-Talented Free Spirit
“I thought my mission was to find an artist, when all along I was the artist. My talent was strong, but my self-confidence was lost. My new music brought it all shining back to me.”
The birthplace of rock’n roll and soul, Memphis is rich in musical history & the home of accomplished singer, songwriter JCraig. A magnetically eclectic entertainer inspired by the sounds of early Motown, Chick Corea, The Doobie Brothers, Maroon 5 & more, JCraig is an artist without melodic boundaries.
Blazing an ever evolving fresh sound, his electrifying lyrics mixed with edgy rock melodies and smooth rap will have you headed to the dance floor no matter where it finds you. A producer at heart, JCraig knows how to spin southern funk soul for the masses by reaching your feet with fresh beats and leaving you wanting more.
Having had a childhood filled with music and musical inspiration, he began perfecting his talents young. Singing at the age of 6 and writing his first guitar riffs by age 10. Young adulthood carried him into the U.S. Armed Forces where he served his country with pride. An adventurous journey filled with beautiful moments, tragedies and a wealth of life experiences weave together the indelible mark of JCraig’s music.
Wasting no time moving forward, confidently in the direction of his dreams, JCraig is one to watch.

Here we have an exclusive interview with JCraig himself:
PB: Please tell us about the Risk It All tour and where you will be traveling.
“The “Risk It All” tour is a culmination period for JCraig, a time of reckoning with myself about my existence in the music biz. I started sing when I was 6yrs old and have aspired to be professional since I was 12. but, my life involved other directions as well. So now, I have an opportunity to bring it all together. But I have to take the necessary risk in order to get to my destiny.”
PB: You are a US veteran, can you tell us about your experience? Thank you for your service btw.
“Thanks for the honor paid to my military service. I was in the Army from 89′ – 95′, and did a tour in southeast Asia during the desert storm conflict. I lived on the desert for 4mo’s and I was in country for a total of 6 mo’s. I saw POW camps, abandoned tanks, tanks that were blown up, smoke filled skies from the oil fires, scud missiles being launched and we rod through Kuwait city on the highway of death. You could tell by the abandoned vehicles that the people were devastated and it looked like an earthquake zone. I’ll never forget my wartime experience.”
PB: Are you born and raised in Memphis?
“I’m am not a native Memphian. I was born in High Point, NC , which is the hometown of Fantasia Borino. I grew up on NY and further in LA.”
PB: What are the best parts of living in a music town?
“Memphis is the home to some of the biggest acts in history , Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin , Isaac Hayes, Al Green , Maurice White (EWF), Barkays and the more recent include, 3 -6 Mafia, Justin Timberlake, Yo Gotti , K Michele and more. Memphis is a hot bed of talent and I would love to be added to that roster of talent.”
PB: What do you think are the biggest obstacles that musicians face today to get their music heard?
“It cost money to play this game. The internet helps, but you have to be willing and able to make the investment. Young artist just can’t afford to get that initial boost.”
PB: What was the first concert you ever attended and were you inspired by that experience to create music?
“The first show I can remember was EWF at SUNY ,Albany, NY. I was already playing but they were so good, I immediately wanted to be just like them. Little did I know I would ever be living in their hometown.”
PB: Are you currently working on new singles and if so, please tell us about them.
“I am presently finishing the “Truth” album, and it is sure to be a collector. I’m putting a great deal of myself into this project and I believe the fans will enjoy it.”
PB: How do you like to spend your days off from the studio and touring?
“I like to work around my house. I work on cars as well and I keep my vehicles in great shape at all times. I also hang out some time, go to the club and listen to live music. The have some great singers and players here in Memphis, that anyone would enjoy.”
PB: Tell our readers where to go to download your music please.
“You can download JCraig music at ITunes, Google music, Amazon, CD Baby and many more E-stores.”
PB: Any parting comments you would like to tell our readers?
“Please continue to support JCraig. I cannot do this without your love and support. Thanks again.”
Take an  listen to his single “Risk It All” here:

Make sure to keep up with JCraig and purchase his music through his website

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