Dub Stacks' ( @dubxciii ) New EP "Introversion"

Dub Stacks is a 24-year old producer from San Jose, Bay Area, CA. He’s been producing hip-hop music since 2013, but this EP is the first project he’s made public under his name. The EP is entirely produced by him, featuring artists from across the world (Atlanta GA, Twin Cities MN, Cleveland NC, Oakland CA, Houston TX, Chicago IL, Wolverhampton UK, Freeport Bahamas, and San Jose CA). His music is intended to boost listeners self-esteem through the beats and lyrics. He says his favorite part about producing is working the 808s and believes that is where he is strongest at. Through the artists lyrics, he says he likes to promote self-confidence, self-worth, and most importantly self-love.
“Introversion” is a 7 track EP. It features beats by Dub Stacks with contributing vocalists. He’s like a budding DJ Khaled but after listening to this, I think DJ Khaled might have some competition. The first track is called FACTS (feat. Lexii Alijai, Exxe, & Rino). The beat is a solemn trap beat with a nice piano playing throughout. Lexxii Alijai absolutely bodied her verse. She’s amazing. I need to add her music to my playlist. Exxe and Rino also bodied this. The rhymes were so dope on this track. Definitely sounds like a veteran track.  I can hear this on the radio. Gives off some dope raw hip hop vibes. Track 2 is THE ONE (feat. Craig White, Rapnik Von, & Kemetic Justice) again has a dope beat of course. Everyone on this beat as well killed it. This is real hip hop. For real. the beat is catchy and smooth. It’s all about the grind to be the one. Next is PARALLEL (feat. Cam James). It’s about how Cam can’t be compared to anymore. No parallel. Beat is fire once again. I’m loving the EP so far. OUT (feat. Vell Le Villain) has a futuristic trap sound to it. I think maybe it’s a Migos sounding beat almost. Vell Le Villain is singing on this one. Another potential radio smash. This was produced great. GOD FLOW (feat. Cam James) snaps. Cam James snapped. He’s spitting about how nasty his flow is pretty much and I agree. The beat hits hard and matches Cam’s flow perfectly. It’s fire just listen to it I promise. UNDEFEATED (feat. Grafezzy & Kid Craze) is about never losing and always winning. It’s dope because one of the artists on this track has an UK accent which is fire on this wow. This beat is a Meek Mill sounding track in case you’re wondering but you might as well listen because this is heat. “Gotta be the winner I ain’t never losing”. The final track is GAME OVER (feat. Craig White, Slim Spitta, & Rino). It starts off with an audio clip from an episode from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will goes off about his father and how he’ll never be like him. It’s a track about growing up without a father and how it was growing up that way. They rap about how they had to teach themselves how to be men, turned to the streets, struggled, etc. These rappers on here are good fathers though so that’s great. I loved the 808s in this one.
Overall, this is a really dope EP. I’m feeling every track. I’m very impressed by the production and artists on this as well. This is a great start to building a name for yourself. I can hear every track on the radio. The rappers are also very talented. The beat production was great. Dub Stacks showed his versatility in this as well. I need to add all these artists to my playlists after this. If I had to choose a favorite track, it would have to be Facts. I’m a New Yorker so it’s always facts never fiction plus, they went so hard on this. God Flow was hard too. Take a listen and let me know what you think:

Follow Dub Stacks through his social media:
Twitter: @dubxciii
Instagram: @dubdolla
Bandcamp: http://dubstacks.bandcamp.com

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