Interview: Lil BT ( @LilLilBt )

Lil BT is a young up and coming rapper/body builder from Belgium, Germany by way of Cameroon, West Africa. His sound can be compared to Dizzy Wright.
We have a quick interview with him below:
PB:Tell us about your latest recordings.
My new recordings are more therapeutic for my in nature. They are about my life, my journey, my struggles. When my life has become stressful, music is always my escape.
PB: Is there a tour planned for this year?
I haven’t been on tour yet, however I have big plans to tour soon and definitely in the US.
PB: Your story is remarkable, can you tell us more about your strength and fitness training?
Next year I’m competing in April in a Body Building Show. I work out 2 hours a day no matter what. This also helps with my stress. The studio and the gym are my two second homes.
PB: Tell our readers about living in Belgium and about live music in your home town.
Belgium is getting better in the music industry. Every generation coming up is becoming more and more into hip hop music. Each new generation is more diverse and more open minded. Ostend is my hometown.
PB: Who are your favorite HIP HOP/ RAP Artists?
Meek Mill, Kevin Gates, G Herbo
PB: Do you want to tour in the US some day?
YES! This is my dream.
PB:7. What city are you from in West Africa? Do you still go there to visit?
Cameroon, West Africa. I haven’t been there in a while, but I hope to visit there next year.
PB: Where do you like to go to see live music in Belgium? Do you have any live shows coming up soon?
I am more concentrated on recording my music currently. I am very focused on getting my name out there and my training as well. 
PB: Thank you for this interview. Be sure to let our readers know where to follow your music!
Please visit my facebook at:

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