Mr. P Chill's ( @mrpchill916 ) New Single "Summertime (Feat. J.Smo & Julie Rush)"

“Mr. P Chill is an independent hip hop emcee and producer with over two decades of experience as a recording and touring artist. With the forthcoming release of his 13th full length album, Funky Uncle Chill (August 17, 2018), there is no sign that this Sacramento legend is stopping any time soon. Beginning his career as a recording artist in Sacramento, CA in 1992 with the release of his former group’s first cassette single, Chill has not only embraced what it means to be an emcee, but has also shown a flair for entrepreneurism as he has chosen the path of independence. Over the next ten years, he remained active with his former group, recording and performing as well as being involved in the production of various projects from other Sacramento artists. Around the turn of the century, Chill was less active with music as he was faced with a crossroad. In 2001, he disbanded his original group and decided to go solo. The first release was his self titled debut album in 2002. Also that year, Chill began touring the West Coast, performing shows in various bars and small music venues in support of this record. By 2007, Chill was performing an average of 50-60 shows a year all over California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, while maintaining a full time day job. In 2010, after burning the candle at both ends for a decade, Mr. P Chill went walked away from the 9 to 5 and devoted 100% of his energy to music and touring. In the eight years since, he has expanded his touring to cover the entire US at least once per year, alongside smaller regional tours throughout the year. Chill spends on average, ⅔ of every calendar year on the road, performing songs, selling merchandise and most importantly, connecting with fans. The future looks bright for Mr. P Chill, a man who remains focused as he continues his chosen path in life. Chill is guided by his positive attitude, his heartfelt lyrics and his connection to hip hop’s golden era. Some people say that when you get to be over 30 years old, your career as a musician or performer is nearing it’s end, but for Chill at 44, he seems to be gaining more momentum than ever!”
“Summertime”  is the lead single from this West Coast hip hop OG’s 13th studio album, Funky Uncle Chill, which drops on Friday, August 17th. This a smooth chill track that starts of with smooth female vocals. Wow this track makes me think of feel good summer vibes. This is definitely feel good music. It was a west coast sound to it with some nice trumpets as well. I always love a beat that can pull off a nice trumpet accompaniment. The female vocal just adds a great feel to this track. Play this at the cookout. Everyone will enjoy this one both young & old. I actually am adding this to my next cookout’s  playlist. It sort of reminds me of Will Smith’s Summertime track but I think it reminds me of it because they both give you that feel good feel. It has a lil funky twang to it too. I see why they call him Mr. P Chill! Take a listen to it below:

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