Scion's ( @scion919 ) New Mixtape "I Deserve This"

“SCION  started recording music independently in the late 90s under the Alias “Infamous Q” performing at local House Parties as a Hype man for a Local DJ named DJ Hot Rob. Scion started out, writing songs to B side instrumentals putting out local mix tapes in record stores and Mom and Pop spots. By 2000, Scion began to learn about engineering and mixing vocals down By 2004 Scion began to take his music more seriously and started, seeking out different producers and vocalist to help, create his own original music. By creating a Local Buzz for himself, Scion was able to link up with a Radio DJ by the name of Special Gee, who was a long time friend of Dirty Red, who had taken Scion under his wing and taught, Scion about the business side of the Music Industry, Music production, Recording and Engineering. Dirty Red later introduced Scion to Special Gee who later embedded in Scion the importance of remaining an Independent artist, owning your own masters, owning your copyrights and making music that was universal. Special Gee began to have Scion study, Major artist in the industry, looking at their performances and incorporating what he saw, in his process of coming up with his own show routines. By 2006, Scion had released 3 full length street released albums. 2004 The Epitome, 2005 Poisoned Jewels, 2006 All I Am, which featured “I can’t make you love me” that began to be put in rotation on 3 gospel radio stations. As the single began to get more air play, Scion found himself at a crossroads in life, and began to focus more on the Ministry than his music. Scion took a break from music and began writing stage plays and eventually went on to became a licensed Minister on July 12th, 2007.

On Dec 24th 2009, Scion’s life, took a turn for the worst, when his cousin got in to a altercation at a night club, that ended up in Scions little cousin Wallace Bass getting sentenced to 23 years for First degree murder. Scion slipped into a deep depression and locked himself in the studio for 45 straight days, of recording sessions, smoking and drinking.This project was released under Big Game Productions. Entitled “The Making Of A Slave” featuring Lava Izzo, Mic Christmas, Meka T now known as Leshae Taylor, Blackstorm Da Boss, Bubsy Millions and and singer song writer Cardye Smooth. Scion’s first Major performance was at Lamont LP Pettiway’s Best Of Both Worlds
Fashion show at the Garner Historical Auditorium. Nominated in 2009 and 2010 for Lyricist of the year at The North Carolina Underground Music Awards, Scion began to perform up and down the east coast doing shows with Global. An Independent artist promotional company. Global helped Scion get the exposure he needed to get his name out to other cities, beside just getting exposure, Scion began to collaborate with other independent artist like The Street Soul Queen, Young Free, G Ruger, Anaya Daffe, Bang Bang, So Free Wisdom, The Savage, New View, Nu Souf, Bonez, Rah 1, Ladii Pink and Flowz Infinite.
In 2009 Scion dropped the Highly Anticipated Panty Raider mix tape and eventually came together with Rah 1 , Bonez, Flowz Infinite , and Emory to form CMG (Collective Music Group LLc)Team Collective aka Team Shutdown.was Nominated Best Group 2011 North Carolina Underground Music awards (NCUMA) and Best new group 2011 Carolina Music Awards (CMAS).

In 2014 Scion Plans to release Relatively Speaking. The Return of DaPantyRaider Mixtape, and first full length Album entitled “The Prodiqal Son” set to be Released on PiffyLife Ent LLC. Besides music, Scion has been working on 3 stage plays, and focusing on writing a novel on a portion of his life, Entitled the Panty Raider Confessions. Scion has also begun working with the Youth, sharing his story to try and keep them off the streets. His Mission is to keep them from making the same mistakes he made. Under PiffyLife Entertainment LLC Scion has started a nonprofit organization called Prodigal Sons Ministry Dedicated in keeping. Inner city kids off the streets, safe and out of gangs.”

“I Deserve This” Mixtape

“I Deserve This” is a 14 track project with different vibes and sounds. His name is Scion pronounced Sigh-On and he’s nice with the mic. First track off the project is called 4rm Da City. He was raised in Brooklyn but now lives North Carolina. For some reason I thought he would pick up on the southern sound but he still sounds very Brooklyn which I’m a fan of. This is a hard hitting track filled with expressions of hood struggles, pain, and prospering. The next track is B U. I’m not sure if I would call this a remix to the song Let It Go by James Bay but it is definitely a different spin on it. You can hear James Bay sing the chorus and everything just sounds right. It reminds me of when B.O.B used to collab with artists like Hayley Williams. It’s a nice mix. Mirroz contains Jesse J’s song Who You Are. He’s speaking about who he really is. My Ambitionz has a Wale type of feel to it. Not because they both have a song called Ambition but because the instrumental is similar to an instrumental Wale would use and the flow is differently. Scion is rapping about he’s really about that life. Don’t test him. Club On Smash is a song about hitting the club and turning up. Blow a bag and make it back. No biggie. He’s Not Real samples sounds from Nas’ Oochie Wale instrumental. Definitely New York sounds. Once again he’s trying to let you know that he’s not like these frauds out here. He’s the realest. State 2 State is an upbeat track. He’s rapping about providing for his family and fulfilling his dreams and also how far he’s come. Dice Game is a club banger. I can hear this being played at Strip Clubs all over America. This song will definitely have women wanting to dance in the club. “Shake it like a dice game” is what is repeated during the chorus and it’s very catchy. Navy Seal is a song for the ladies. He’s pouring his heart to a love lady. He loves her flaws and all. He sings about how he was made to love her. It’s a smooth thug love song. Now, when he’s referring to the title, he “heard she got that water” so he wants to be her Navy Seal. Put two and two together and you’ll understand. I Wanna Win is my favorite track. It samples Midnight Star’s Curious, which is one of my favorite throwbacks. The instrumental is a nice remake as well. No L’s on this side. This is another smooth love song. 4 Yearz is about how much he’s evolved after these past 4 years. He’s still here and pushing through. Sometimes is another mash up that includes Krewella’s Human. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but we all have the capability to try to change and fix it. Swing My Way is about how his girl will always be fly and how he has this rap game on lock. His squad is also very loyal and nothing can stop that. The final track is the title of the album, I Deserve This. It’s a nice way to end this project. He deserves all the good that comes to him because he worked so hard. he grinded nonstop and it’s finally starting to pay off.
I really like this album right here. it’s filled with real bars that come from the heart and experience. I loved how the samples all went well with the context of the track they were on. Th remake of instrumentals were also great. Like I said above, I Wanna Win is my favorite track. It was mixed and mastered well too. Nowadays you don’t hear about real hood experiences too often. It’s more so “fake street cred” pumping through speakers but this was great. I really hope to hear more from Scion as time goes on. Give this album a listen through his youtube below:

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You can also purchase/stream the mixtape on Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, i HEART, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Etc.

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