Vocaliz ( @VocalizMusic ) 's New Album "Afrikan in New York"

“Born and raised in Cameroon (Central Africa) Vocaliz is an award winning artist based in Brooklyn New York. He grew up between two musical worlds. One his oldest brother introduced to him through all the Hip Hop classics of the 90s and the other one which was the popular African/Cameroonian music that could be heard on the radio or on any street corner of his city. Those sonic ambiguities developed in him a certain openness when it comes to creating his own music. He is not scared to go a different route or try something new. His rhymes have moved crowds on the beaches of the Mediterranean and in basement joints on both sides of the Atlantic.
In 2009 he released his 1st album “Painful Healing” while studying in Cyprus with the Ghanaian producer Afana. Their single “Under The Sun” was devoured by the local radio stations and clubs which allowed them to perform in festivals and do shows all over the Island. He’s been acknowledged for his musical skills and received several acclaims including Best Rap song in the John Lennon International Musical Competition with his song “Call Me” and was nalist for the 22nd Annual USA songwriting competition with his song “Call Me”.
His music video “In Love with Life” was played on MTV and VH1 for several months.” Check out the video below:

“Vocaliz is finally bringing us his 1st solo album titled “African in New York”. It’s a perfect blend of Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Soul. It’s old, it’s new. It’s for the young, it’s for the old. A journey through sound with an African who lived in three different continents as captain of the plane. “

“Afrikan in New York” is a 12 track album with many different sounds but each track is definitely African influenced. It was released June 22nd. His sound is closely related to K’naan. Afrikan in New York has a beat that remind me of Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid a little bit.  The lyrics are real. He talks about the struggles and issues he goes through being African in NYC. I’m African as well but I was born here but i also can feel what he’s talking about. Out of Mind is a nice bop. I really love the beat. I love his accent throughout this whole album. Oh Na Na has some reggae sounds in it as well which is nice. The blend of culture in this is awesome. At the Speed of Love is about the kind of love he wants and is looking for and how he sees a lot of hate around him. This is a smooth track. May Be is the least African sounding track. I love the drums in this one. It reminds me of something you would hear in an African church. This is an empowering track. We Up is also another empowering track with great drums in the instrumental. Call Me is facts. People love to call you out when you do wrong but not always when you do right! I feel that. The 808s in this is dope. I love this instrumental. This is my favorite track on here. My Participation also has a dope instrumental. His flow was really dope on this. This is my second favorite track. What Do You Mean was a dope track with another ill beat. Heaven Bound was a smooth track which I was feeling. I like this too because I can hear him clearly. The instrumental is something you might hear Bryson Tiller sing over. The Way It Goes Down is my favorite track. I just changed my mind. It has that party tropical vibe. Something to vibe to. So Digital has the dopest African beat on the album in my opinion. It makes the track so fire.
Overall, the album is good. I wish the vocals were raised up a little more. It was muffled or overpowered by the instrumentals in some tracks but still good. Listen to the album below:

Check out some music videos Vocaliz has done below:

In 2013 he worked with Multi-Platinum producer Rheji Burell in North Carolina. They recorded several songs that were never released
In 2015 his video “In Love With Life” was featured on MTV and VH1.
In 2016 his song “Because We Are” was a finalist song in the Hip Hop category for the John Lennon Songwriting competition.
In 2018 his song “Call Me” was awarded finalist for the USA songwriting competition (http://www.songwriting.net

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