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Creative writing is not a blow-off class. Here’s how to choose a great creative writing teacher, and some tips on how to get a decent grade.

Creative writing sounds like an easy option for a college writing class, and it’s one that often has a waiting list of eager students. However, essaywriterfree needs to understand that even though the topic can be incredibly fun, this is anything but a blow-off class. Creative writing is a challenging course that can be quite a bit of work.

Here are some tips to help students succeed in a creative writing class.

Choosing a Good Creative Writing Teacher

Creative writing is one class where choosing a good teacher can make a big difference, so ask around to find the right one. One thing to be aware of is that some creative writing teachers (and students) can be quite pretentious, and might not be interested in working with students unless they perceive them to be cream-of-the-crop writers. The last thing a student needs is a teacher who gives rude or dismissive comments.

It’s also helpful to find a creative writing teacher with fairly clear grading expectations. Creative writing is exceptionally difficult to grade, so it’s impossible to find a teacher with a syllabus that explains exactly what is needed for an A. However, look for teachers that make it as clear as possible how grades are assigned and how to succeed in their classes.

In addition, as with all writing teachers, it’s important to find a teacher who gives lots of good writing feedback. Lazy teachers have no place teaching creative writing.

How to Get a Good Grade in Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a kind of art, so there’s inevitably a certain amount of subjectivity that goes into grading it. However, there are still steps a student can take to assure a good grade.

First of all, there’s one part of the grade that’s not subjective: page requirements. If twenty pages of writing are due, turn in twenty pages. Follow margin and font specifications, as writing teachers know full well if a student is cheating. As much as possible, keep on top of page requirements, as cranking out twenty pages at the last minute is far from easy and may ruin an otherwise fun class experience.

Second, pay attention to feedback from the instructor and peers, and incorporate the feedback into assignments, especially rewrites. Writers of all different levels find their way to creative writing classes provided by essay writer services, and one of the most fairways to grade students is on their improvement. Teachers are looking to see that students can incorporate feedback and write better.

Third, offer constructive feedback to peers, both in-class discussions and on written feedback assignments. Feedback should be specific. That is, instead of saying, “I don’t like this character,” explain why. In addition, good feedback offers suggestions for improvement. Of course, it’s very important that constructive feedback should be about the writing and should never be personal.

Finally, as with any writing class, creative writers need to write properly as well as creatively. Take the time to avoid spelling, grammar, and other writing problems. Here are some common writing mistakes for students to avoid.

“Show, Don’t Tell”

This mantra is one of the most commonly heard in a typical creative writing class. “Show, don’t tell” means to show the reader information and details about characters or situations, as opposed to merely telling the reader about these. This is often done through good dialogue, but can also be accomplished with metaphors, symbolism, or simply through strong writing.

So how does this work? Instead of telling the reader that “Jennifer has problems with her boss, Marnie, because Marnie is just like Jennifer’s overbearing mother,” show the reader this through dialogue, flashbacks, or other techniques. While telling can be done more quickly and simply, showing the reader may provide some real insight into Jennifer as a character and may evoke some emotion or humor.

What Does It Mean to Be Creative?

This is not a simple question, and its part of why it’s difficult to teach or grade creative writing. A good working definition of creativity is the ability to do something in a way that is original, innovative, surprising, or simply not obvious.

Success as a creative writer means to think of ways to tell unique stories and outside the box, where the ending isn’t obvious, and where the characters don’t fit into stereotypical molds. As for the essay writing service, even when stories fall into common genres, such as science fiction or “chic lit,” a good creative writer can find ways to present characters and plot lines so that they don’t sound like everybody else’s.

As a creative writing student, don’t be afraid to take some risks. Instructors are looking for students who are willing to try something different. As a general rule, it’s important to avoid using clichés and another overused language. Try to think of ways to say things that aren’t obvious.

Creative writing can be a tough class, largely because the expectations are never clear. However, with a good teacher, this can be an exceptionally rewarding and fun experience. By searching for the right teacher, learning how to “show not tell,” following deadlines and page requirements, and looking for ways to be creative, success in a creative writing class is within any student’s reach.

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