Freddie Gibbs And Don Cheadle Confirm Their Resemblance

Thanks to his accessibility on social media, Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has cultivated a devoted fanbase that isn’t afraid to razz him a bit with posts pointing out his lookalikes, including actor Don Cheadle. At this past weekend’s Super Bowl festivities in LA, though, Gibbs finally made contact with his celebrity doppelganger, who introduced himself by confirming fans’ observations.

The two had a fun moment recounting their meeting on Twitter, where Gibbs recalled Cheadle’s words and the actor verified the story. “N**** walked up to me last night and said, ‘People say we look alike,’ and it was Don Cheadle,” Gibbs wrote. “The f*cking goat.” Cheadle retweeted his post, calling it a “true story.” “Great meeting you, nephew,” he assured. “To be continued…”

Whether that means the duo will find some project to work on together in the future or if it’s just the beginning of a growing friendship, plenty of fans were excited by the moment, including Gibbs’ manager, who got a photo of the two mid-embrace.

The connection could be mutually beneficial. In 2017, Cheadle delighted fans by appearing in Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” video to rap the Compton MC’s verse — although he missed Kenny’s costume reference to his Rush Hour 2 character. Meanwhile, Gibbs is inching his way into Hollywood by way of a film role in the upcoming Down With The King and showing off his comedic chops via Saturday Night Live sketches and a role on Peacock sitcom Bust Down.

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